Facebook Plans “Dislike” Button

16 Sep

Facebook Plans Dislike Button

Facebook intends to launch a “dislike” button for depressive posts.

The American social network, Facebook, is about to make an addition to its platform. Facebook news affirmed that it is developing a dislike button, CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated during a Question and Answers session at the head office that was broadcasted online.

However, it would not prove to be an easy task. The CEO stated that the enterprise intends to restrict the tool’s usage to express sympathy when any user mentions anything miserable or depressive. Facebook news today revealed that it was an amazingly difficult task to pioneer the button but the social platform intends to initiate the test launching process soon.

The Californian organization has been asked for the dislike button for many years, but it was not interested in giving users an easy way to condemn a Facebook status.

Facebook breaking news informed that it is still quite vague how the new tool would perform and how it would contribute to an algorithm that figures the Facebook news feed. Previously this year, it stated that it would utilize the algorithm to measure the time spent by users on a specific post, because people were not willing to appreciate a sad post.

Facebook’s employees refused to comment on CEO’s statements. On another matter, Mr. Zuckerberg stated that as the platform expands, the company is interested in building inexpensive houses near its head office in the US. He assured that it was being done to serve the society. He did not discuss the details of the accommodation facility.

Mr. Zuckerberg also stated that he is much more hopeful about the artificial intelligence and virtual reality than other technological experts are. “All new technology has the ability to do good and bad but I am fundamentally optimistic about human nature and our ability to use these things to do well”, he stated. For example, artificial intelligence could play a significant role in helping Facebook to assess graphic content, he stated.

Such material is nowadays reported to Facebook community-standards division, but Al features could supersede that, which would necessitate technological improvement. Currently, computers cannot view a picture and determine whether it is graphic or nude, he expressed.

Mr. Zuckerberg believes that such a filter would have to be nimble. It is probable that organization’s plans would allow people to express their views in a much convenient manner. Facebook’s executives should speed up the process of pioneering the dislike button to meet the expectations of its users. This much-awaited feature has already created hype among enthusiasts.

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