eBay is Rolling Out its Modified Mobile App for both iOS and Android Users

15 Sep

eBay is Rolling Out its Modified Mobile App for both iOS and Android Users

In order to enhance its customers experience eBay, the american retailer, is finally launching its modified mobile app with three new and different channels.

In order to redesign its brand identity and enhance its selling and shopping experience EBAY is introducing its modified mobile app for both android and iOS users.

Initially, the eBay app that was provided on iOS, Android and web apps had different interface; this is the first time the e-commerce giant is giving its users a single experience on all the devices. The Director of Products at eBay, David Breach stated that the reason why all the interfaces on android, iOS and web were different because all these platforms were launched introduced and updated at different schedule and time. The new app basically is divided into three segments or channels which are buying, selling and activity trafficking, these channels simplify the tasks that will be carried on the app, according to eBay latest updates.

In the shop function, the multinational corporation will be providing its users with deals and a selection of categories so that customers can browse through them; this will make their experience easy and will help them find the products that they are looking for. The list of inventory on the app is about 800 million products. Previously, the discovery tools were all on the app’s home screen now any such thing is present on the Shop Channel.

As for the sell function, deals are made and finalize there. On the sell option, a user can upload pictures and information regarding an item that they want to sell on the app. This function is more or less the same as it was on the original and previous app. The new addition to the sell function is eBay’s valet service. This lets you list the items that you want to sell on the app.

On the final function, which is the activity trafficking function, the users are able to track their purchases, the items that they have put in their wish lists or even their watch lists items. Users can even provide information on the merchandise that they are selling. Initially this channel was called ‘My eBay’ on which the users could track their spending and vending behavior. Currently, the app does not need any personalization. In the shop channel users can choose their preferences according to which they will see the items in the categories.

The home screen app is by default open to the channel that you were last on while using the app, so if you were selling a product or buying a product on the eBay app, the person will see that specific option first. The director further stated that in the future, he will try to make the app experience more tailored. The firm is making improvements to the web app as well which will enhance the user experience further. The company has not yet announced when it will be launching it though.


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