Netflix, Inc. Prepares to Launch its Services in Singapore in 2016

11 Sep

Netflix, Inc. Prepares to Launch its Services in Singapore in 2016

Netflix is on a wild streak of expansion all throughout the world to be able to prove that it can and will be available in 200 countries by the end of 2016.

Netflix Inc., the online video streaming media, has announced to launch its services in Singapore in early 2016, according to Netflix updates.

The arrival of American’s largest video service provider is likely to put a lot of pressure of the local competitors such as StarHub and Sing Tel. Its users will be able watch the movies provided by the network and its TV streaming services. In the coming months, the on-demand subscription company will set up an office in Singapore.

This office will be the hub of all operations that the firm will carry on in Asia, as reported by latest Netflix news. Along with launching its internet streaming services in Singapore, the company plans on launching in Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea as well in the coming year. Earlier this year, the streaming media player rolled out its services in Australia and New Zealand and last week it launched in Japan. The company has promised to be present in over 200 countries by the end of 2016.

Netflix has declined to comment on which series and movies it will be providing to his market but it promised that they will provide their users in these countries with a variety of entertainment shows and movies, popular TV shows, original series and films for minimum fees. The details of pricing, programming etc will be made available at a later day. They have said that they will be providing programming for children as well. Netflix will be working with MDA Media Development Authority due to the extreme censorship laws of the country. Even though the services has not been launched in the country as yet, according to research, local viewers are believed to gain access to Netflix through Virtual Private Network (VPN).

According to Clement Teo from Forrester Research, Netflix’s launch in these countries will give customers more options to watch their favorite TV shows and movies online. This expansion was predicted by analysts after the company launched program in Australia and they believe that it will be good for the consumers as they will have a new source of entertainment in the country.

This is just the beginning of expansion in these countries; it is highly likely that Netflix will soon be seen in countries like India, Malaysia and Thailand. As for launching its services in China, Netflix has currently declined to comment on that while it was heard that the firm was in talks with Wasu Media, a firm that Jack Ma had invested in. The Vice President of Gartner, Mr. Foong King Yew commented on Netflix’s expansion saying that thanks to Netflix the consumers have more choices; better and innovative service packages to choose from as compared to their local providers.

Recently, Netflix, Inc. let its deal expire with Epix while hours later Hulu, an American online streaming services company, announced its partnership with the television network company. The reason why Netflix let its deal expire with Epix was that it wants to focus more on content to which it can acquire exclusive streaming rights.

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