Facebook Decides To Step In Educational Sector

08 Sep

Facebook Decides To Step In Educational Sector

The American social network enterprise, Facebook, launches a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) in hopes to enter educational sector.

Facebook has taken an initiative to enter the educational sector. Facebook news disclosed that it is introducing a plan that could turn in to a major side project. The step is taking the form of an electronic educating network, which is known as a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). The new student-friendly program is launched in partnership with about 30 schools.

The objective is to introduce a classroom experience that focuses on the aspirations of the students. The idea was formulated with Summit Public Schools, a small group of charter schools that contacted the Californian organization to improve the deployment of technology in the classroom.

Facebook believes that its educational program would customize educational paths for the individual student, while helping them receive assignments, tests, and activities through the Internet. Teachers in turn would be permitted to concentrate more on leading the group work or teaching individual students.

The network giant has stated that the educational plan would be separated from its social platform and that student’s secrecy would be respected – but no one believes it. Facebook news today said that an official, Leonie Hamison, of a US-based non-profit organization, Class Size Matters, is quite concerned about the effects of this deal on privacy.

Facebook breaking news reported that the social media platform’s privacy record is quite alarming. Beside the point that its whole business model relies on the sale of user details to advertisers, a petition has adversely affected the company related to accusations that it has sifted through users private messages without their approval.

Concerns regarding secrecy have played an important role in killing past attempts to launch more technology in schools. For instance, the Gates Foundation- supported nonprofit inBloom was expected to transform education by developing a national database of student details to help teachers in tracking their students conveniently as they grew up and moved across the USA.

Parents and guardians of students feared that the database would share deeply personal information with a third party. Marketing analysts have shared their point of view that the introduction of the educating platform would not only improve the organization’s image but also help students attain higher scores that will ultimately contribute to the growth of the world’s largest economy.

It is probable that educationalists would welcome and appreciate Facebook’s educational program. Its officials should take measures to convince parents that it would secure their children’s details effectively. The actual viability of the project is undetermined yet in eyes of the world, but time will definitely reveal the results.


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