Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Idea Is Transforming From Dream To Reality

26 Aug

Tesla's CEO Elon Musk's Hyperloop Idea Is Transforming From Dream To Reality

Some organizations have partnered to work on Musk’s Hyperloop idea and provide the necessary expertise to achieve the task.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk’s modernized transportation idea has moved forward. Tesla news exclaimed that few people gave importance to the CEO’s intention when, in 2013, he planned to manufacture Hyperloop, an innovative transportation system between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Now Space Exploration Technologies Corporation and another organization, known as Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), are planning to establish Hyperloop test tracks next year.

HTT, a firm established to turn Musk’s dream into reality, proclaimed last week that it has signed deals to collaborate with Aecom and Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, to start constructing a full scale design of the new Hyperloop moving alongside Interstate 5 in California. The final goal, the CEO stated, is to establish an above-ground pressurized train that transport riders and cargo between major cities at a speed greater than 700 miles per hour.

It is too soon to anticipate that whether the new system is feasible or not, as one needs to answer the question that how the two companies would attempt to solve the challenging problems. HTT’s new collaboration with the two publicly traded organizations validates that Musk’s ideas would finally prove to be useful.

UCLA architecture professor and owner of one of HTT’s partners, Hodgetts & Fung, believes that Aecom is a global powerhouse that would bring a diverse group of specialists focusing on route selection, propulsion techniques, and life security issues. Tesla news today disclosed that HTT is owned by a Southern Californian crowd-funding organization, named JumpStartFund, which has also planned to receive $100,000,000 as part of an initial public offering later this year.

The announcement tends to solve Hyperloop’s leading problem – serious consideration of this matter. Now, the development experts would find the details pertaining to the project, such as practically developing the testing track of the new system and determining the energy needed to electrify it. Tesla Motors news indicates that more than 400 specialists are working with the Southern Californian enterprise on its venture.

They are not merely workers, but engineering experts and other excellent minds, who are working on a full-time basis with a number of organizations, including Airbus, Boeing, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and SpaceX. The first fully operating passenger-friendly Hyperloop would be manufactured outside the Californian territory.

Market specialists believe that the partnerships would not only assist in introducing the extremely fast mode of high-tech transportation but also improve the image of its pioneers. The South African born entrepreneur should monitor the progress of partners working on his idea to fulfill his dreams.

The concept has entered the testing phase and test track is under construction. Mr. Musk’s expectations are positive and he believes that future holds promising prospects for this project. It is a difficult path but all partners are working together to achieve the task effectively.

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