Tesla Motors Teams Up With Airbnb

21 Aug

Tesla Motors Teams Up With Airbnb

Tesla has expanded its infrastructure for Model S owners, in collaboration with Airbnb.

Tesla Motors has taken a measure to expand its charging network. Tesla news exclaimed that it has disbursed millions of dollars to invest in its superchargers – a growing infrastructure of nearly 500 fast-charging systems to help users cover long-distances.

Now, the company is collaborating with a rent lodging company, Airbnb, to introduce charging stations in select hosts’ homes. The collaboration, proclaimed Thursday, would focus on Airbnb homes in California and later expand internationally, the two organizations stated.

Tesla news today disclosed that vehicle producer’s charging stations are installed in 12 homes. The companies hope to increase that figure through a targeted program. The company, which is known for registering an entire home, has been booked more than 5 times. Its high rating has provided it an opportunity to benefit from free charging equipment, which costs $750. The host would be charged for the installation process, which has been offered for at least $200 and is dependent on the residence’s structure.

Tesla Motors news reported that Elon Musk’s organization would select the properties from the group of applicants who have met the criteria. It has anticipated that its users would need to pay $10 for an overnight charge of electricity. The collaboration tends to mark the electric vehicle maker’s broader effort to make consumers realize that owning a powered vehicle is not a problem, a perspective that played a significant role in adversely affecting the adoption of electric vehicles.

More than 119,710 electric automobiles were sold in the world’s third most populated country in 2014. The vehicle pioneer is also working aggressively on its so-called destination-charging program over the previous 12 months. Charged vehicles have contributed less than 1% of the total vehicle sales in the USA.

The automaker has equipped restaurants, hotels, and resorts with its high-power wall connector. It had almost 1200 destination charging systems across the globe as of June 2015. Market professionals believe that the expansion of Tesla’s fuelling network would not only play a pivotal role in increasing its market share and sales volume, but also enhance its reputation in the corporate world, which is proving to be a battleground for various organizations.

It is most likely that the charging initiative would ease the difficulties of its customers. Tesla’s officials should now guarantee that new car chargers are operated, managed, and promoted in most effective manner to address the concerns of its customers.

Tesla is always involved in the production of superchargers for its cars. It has taken a step forward to encourage other companies to step towards the same production as well. However, this step consequently poses challenges to it in the process. Hence, it should act accordingly and mitigate the risk of any opposition.

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