Microsoft Windows 10 Hacked To Support Google Play

20 Aug

Microsoft Windows 10 Hacked To Support Google Play

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile to be launched soon

Microsoft Windows 10 has been in the limelight since the time it has been launched. But according to a recent breakthrough, Mr. Karov_mm, a polish hacker has been successful in loading the Google Play store on its Windows 10 supported smartphone. Earlier a project namely “Project Astoria” came into existence according to which Android apps will be supported on Windows 10 smartphones. This project could have a great breakthrough for Windows users but to have the entire Google Play store on your phone is an achievement in itself, according to recent Microsoft reports.

Microsoft Corporation is said to be currently working on its operating system Windows 10 Mobile. The company is satisfied with the launch of the PC version of this OS and now wishes to bring it to smartphones and other devices. If they succeed in doing so, then Microsoft can actually give a tough time to the duopoly of Google’s Android and apple’s iPhone in the smartphone market. With the market presence and hype That Microsoft Windows 10 has created, many believe that this OS might become the next force to reckon. However, the only thing Microsoft needs to be worried about at this point of time is to come up with more apps, than what apple and Google currently offer on their app store.

In the past, hackers had been successful in side loading Google Play Services Android packages on Windows platform but the permission barriers resulted in their failure, according to Microsoft updates.

Karov_mm on the other hand was successful in avoiding qualms revolving around permissions when he was loading the Android files by making use of shell. Apart from that, he also uploaded the screenshots on which the Google Play Store has been running smoothly on Windows OS.

So if hackers get successful in coming up with hacks for Windows 10 Mobile, then it is likely that the entire ecosystem of Google will be available on Windows, according to latest Microsoft news.  However, those interested should take note now since Windows 10 Mobile that support Android APKs can actually cause harm to the device. In such a scenario, Microsoft will not be able to protect the devices so the best thing to do at this point of time is to wait.

Hence in a nutshell, Microsoft Windows 10 has gained immense traction before its launch. The idea of Google Play Store on Windows is catchy but precautions need to be taken in order to ensure that the devices are not damaged.

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