India Is Termed As The Fastest Growing Market For Dell

19 Aug

India Is Termed As The Fastest Growing Market For Dell


Dell has grown rapidly in India due to fast sales and revenues.

Dell has seen delightful growth and response from its Indian customers. Dell news exclaimed that the second most populated country was the fastest expanding market for the organization last year, the first twelve months since it went private.

The Texas-based enterprise has expanded 200% faster in the second fastest expanding market and the expansion did not take place in a low base. India is regarded as the company’s third largest market after United States of America and People’s Republic of China.

The company disclosed that an official of Dell India, named Alok Ohrie, has stated the enterprise grew 30% in its financial year, ended January 2015, compared to the previous year, as depicted by Dell financials. He added that in India, the organization has expanded five times faster than its local rivals have, and the momentum with which it has grown is continuing in the current year.

In 2014, the North American giant’s commercial personal computer business attained a market share greater than 22.5%. For the customer and small enterprise segment, its share was 21.7% and again the highest proportion among suppliers.

Dell financial services reported that company’s founder, Micheal Dell, and private equity organization, Silver Lake Management, disbursed billions of dollars together in 2013 to purchase all other shareholders and privatize the enterprise. The goal was to decrease the company’s reliance on personal computer sales and to improve enterprise technology, supply more servers, security, networking, and storage devices.

Dell Company felt this change needed a long-term vision unaffected by short-term pressures from investors and Wall Street experts. Ohrie believes that the company’s ideology of architecture and open standards have played a significant role in helping it to succeed in one of the world’s emerging economies. Its consumer-side expansion should be attributed to high-tech products and retail stores.

Dell succeeded in winning a group of awards for its devices at the Consumer electronics show in the largest economy of the world. Dell India is operating 500 exclusive stores and it intends to take the figure up to 800, by the latter part of the year. Market professionals have shared their perspective that the company’s success would not only improve its reputation but also threaten the interests of its rivals, especially those operating in India.

Dell’s officials should continue the operations in the similar manner to retain its position in the corporate world. The stable and significant position of the company is able to sustain small shocks without any problem.


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