Is Microsoft Edge Going To Be Better Than Chrome?

18 Aug

Is Microsoft Edge Going To Be Better Than Chrome


The software giant is going to launch an all new browser along with the launch of the much anticipated Windows 10

Microsoft Corporation has always been under the eyes of critics for the inefficiency that its sole browser Internet Explorer has always shown and how it was probably the lowest one too, which made it all too bad reputed to be used by the masses. While this was going on, Google Inc took the lead and made sure it did not disappoint the users by giving in an easy to use browser which helped them for everyday browsing without any hassles.

The analysts and critics in the tech industry have also been surprised how the software giant does not pay much attention to the criticism being thrown at them which has made the users stray even more way from it, to other browsers which was faster and easier to use.

At times when Microsoft put in an effort to bring a change in its browser, it was usually either gone unnoticed or deliberately ignored by the users as they are now used to a much better technology provided to them by different tech and software giants and they just cannot settle for less. The software firm had it in its mind to bring about a change in the users’ attitude by launching something entirely differently and more importantly, it needed to launch a new product as the old one was not appreciated by the users at all. So make that happen, the software business has decided to launch Microsoft Edge browser which will be a completely new step into the browser business, which will be released with the new Windows 10.

Some of the things that need to be taken into consideration are the fact that Microsoft business will be releasing the Edge browser with much better features to offer as compared to the previous browser made by the company. This browser will not only be faster, it will also be of a higher standard than what the general user is now used to. Furthermore, the limited security issue has also been solved by the giant.

Currently, Microsoft’s competing with Google’s Chrome which is the most used browser of its kind as compared to others like Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera, according to latest Microsoft news. All these browsers have had a tough time making their space in the industry due to the continued pressure and better features offered to the public by the Chrome.

However, this browser has also been facing a couple of issues for some time now which include the higher rate of battery getting drained in comparison to other software systems, as reported by Microsoft updates. Also, there have also been some memory loss and leak problems that the browser has faced which means the Edge browser has a chance to take a lead in the industry if everything goes according to plan.

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