US Court Rules Against Vendors’ Misuse Of AliBaba’s Networks

17 Aug

US Court Rules Against Vendors' Misuse Of AliBaba's Networks


A verdict has been passed against the sale of counterfeit products on Alibaba’s online platform.

Some American fashion businesses have won a court verdict against suppliers selling counterfeit products on the platforms of the Chinese ecommerce organization, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Alibaba news exclaimed that the Kering Group’s fashion companies, including Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, have succeeded in winning their legal dispute to ban merchants from supplying inferior version of their luxury products on the organization’s webpages.

The names of the prohibited sellers have been revealed. Some of those include Amy Luxury Goods, Europe and E News, Brand Bag Boutique, and Picasso Trend. The suit alleged that the Chinese corporate giant has played a role in facilitating the supply of illegal products.

The court judge also ordered that financial records should be submitted to the petitioner, reported Alibaba news today. Kerring has claimed that bags using Gucci’s trademark were being supplied through the Hangzhou-based enterprise’s selling network for $2 each, whereas the original product meeting the higher standard was offered for $795.

While the East Asian online corporation might not welcome the adverse publicity, it would appreciate the chance to draw a line. As part of its strategy in the long term to globalize its operations, the company has been pursuing the orders of international manufacturing organizations, especially in the fashion sector, and it has expressed the will to take action in cases where suppliers are found offering fake goods on its networks.

It is most likely that Alibaba would take some more steps to ensure that counterfeit goods are not sold on its platform. It had launched an English language version of its fake hotline to prevent such actions. The linguistic-related initiative was taken to help retailers make complaints regarding the sale of substandard commodities through its networks, known as Taobao and Tmall. It was introduced after the organizations signed deal with global brands.

Alibaba breaking news affirmed that the verdict pertaining to company was given by a court located in the Southern District of New York. Industry professionals have shared their perspective that the legal authority’s decision would not only damage the organization’s reputation, but also lure its other customers towards the court, as precedence would be set.

The authorities and the residents of the world’s second largest economy should welcome the court’s judgment, as it would discourage sellers from misusing the platform of the company situated in their home country. Alibaba’s officials should ensure that its selling networks are deployed to retain its position in the corporate world, which is nothing less than a battleground for the company itself.

The menace of counterfeit goods has plagued the company’s reputation, which bothered it much. This initiative to report such goods on platform is required to tackle against this threat overall and overcome this issue.


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