Facebook Introduces News Sharing Application

13 Aug

Facebook Introduces News Sharing Application


The American social networking service provider Facebook is developing a mobile news application

The American social networking service provider Facebook is taking an initiative to helps its users get breaking news updates.The new feature differs from the networking organization’s initiative Facebook for Work. .

Facebook news exclaimed that the Musk founded enterprise, in its attempt to lead all social networks is currently trying to develop a mobile news application which looks to be a part of its domain known as Facebook for Business initiative. Media sources have affirmed that the Mark headed enterprise has selected few companies to test the application

The Californian social network operator has refused to comment regarding the development. Facebook news today disclosed that the application which is in its developmental stage would try to imitate what Twitter practices. The  news sharing tool would let its users follow publications collaborated with Facebook and get breaking news alerts regarding the issues they have chosen through it. The publications will then disseminate breaking news alerts to their followers.

Facebook Breaking news affirmed that the new application’s notification and alert system is quite similar to that of the Dorsey founded enterprise’s platform known as Twitter . Once a user downloads it he or she is asked to select publications regarding which they want to get news updates. The networker just requires to follow some publications, that’s enough. As soon as the publications succeed in receiving some updates, they would quickly send a 100 word notification that consists of a headline a uniform resource locator to the full article which could be found on the web page of the publisher. These notified messages are then shared with every mobile device that follows  that respective publisher.

Commercial sources have reported that the Dustin  founded organization previously developed another business related tool known as See first, an update that introduced minute changes to its news feed. The networking  enterprise had also tried to appease celebrities as it had proclaimed to introduce a live broadcasting feature which would help them interact with their fans. One could claim that the celebrity friendly tool would be introduced to compete with Twitter’s Periscope.

Market professionals believe that the introduction of the new tool would not only lure news readers towards the firm’s social platform but also help improve its reputation. It is most likely that the new development would threaten the interests of the firm’s competitors and appease publishers as there news would be shared with a larger number of users.

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