Tesla Motors Changes Its Referral Program

12 Aug

Tesla Motors Changes Its Referral Program


Tesla Motors tries to comply with the vehicle-selling laws of Virginia.

The American electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla Motors, takes a measure to comply with the automobile selling regulations of Virginia. Tesla news exclaimed that since CEO Elon Musk proclaimed its new Model S referral program and related Tesla Model X competition, social media platforms have been bombarded with referral links from Tesla car owners ambitious for the bonus earned by assisting a friend, relative, or a colleague in buying a brand new Model S electric sedan.

In accordance to the selling scheme, those who procure a Model S, due to a friend’s referral, utilize a discount of worth $1000, while the one who refers is able to earn credits worth $1000, which he or she could use to pay for maintenance or service expenses at the company’s servicing center.

Tesla news today disclosed that those who are able to make five referrals successfully resulting in the procurement of a new Model S earn a ticket and an invitation to the Californian organization’s Gigafactory, opening event in the latter part of this year. Similarly, the initial people in Asia, North America, and Europe, who would successfully refer ten times, would be awarded with a brand new Tesla Model X.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that those who refer ten people, but fail to secure the first place, would instead be permitted to purchase a Signature Series Model X for base model price. So far, it is fine but while the automaker’s customer-friendly program might let it test a new luxury car selling method in states, such as Texas, where its preferred direct selling model is banned. The technique has adversely affected its relations with the Commonwealth of Virginia; where an existing regulation does not compensate unauthorized automobile distributors sell new cars.

The exercise known as bird-dogging is currently prohibited in the state. This implies that the people in the state’s territory, who could actually get any payment for supplying new cars, are those who are serving licensed car dealerships. The North American automobile manufacturer has found out a solution to abide by the Virginian bird-dogging law.

The high-tech car producer would not offer a Tesla credit worth $1000 every time an acquaintance orders a Model S. Instead, it would now pay that $1000 referral fee to the potential buyer, which means that those purchasing a Model S within the boundaries of the state would get a discount of worth $2000.

Market professionals believe that the new selling method would not only increase its sales revenue and volume but also improve its relations with the authorities of Virginia.

Tesla’s executives should now try to promote the new referring fee payment initiative to boost the sales of its vehicles in Virginia and reap the benefits from this market.



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