IBM Watson Is Blessed With The Gift Of Sight

11 Aug



The American multinational technology giant, International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation, has taken an initiative to appease the medical community. IBM news exclaimed that the corporation is about to purchase Merge Healthcare, an organization that is known for specializing in the field of medical imaging. The objective of the acquisition is to improve imaging abilities, as a part of the Watson Health portfolio, essentially equipping the supercomputer with the capacity to see.

IBM breaking news disclosed that the healthcare service organization would be purchased for $1,000,000,000, which would provide imaging information that the corporation’s Watson engine would utilize to examine mammograms closely, X–rays, and CAT scans. The Chicago-based medical organization’s high-tech systems are currently being used at more than 7500 American healthcare sites, as well pharmaceutical enterprises, and clinical research institutions to deal with medical images.

IBM news today reported that the company’s healthcare business was initiated last April by acquiring medical data providers, Phytel and Explorys. It is also working to develop an information sharing and application development system designed for its clients and partners to safely collect de-identified information from electronic and genomic healthcare records, clinical trials, and health examining devices, and integrate it with demographic and socioeconomic data.

The corporate giant has been training Watson to study images for the past 2 years. Other ventures underway encompass teaching Watson to filter diagnostic and clinical imaging details, which would let clinical experts identify abnormalities and give their recommendations from the analyzed images. With these attempts, IBM enterprise intends to decrease a physician’s workloads and increase the effectiveness.

For instance, a radiology expert usually studies images for defects by analyzing the image alone. IBM’s idea is that by employing its Watson system to connect the image to other details, such as the patient’s electronic medical record, more subtle abnormalities may be discovered.

The senior vice president, IBM Research and Solutions Portfolio, John Kelly, has stated that medical sector would be IBM’s biggest growth areas over the next year, which is why the management is investing heavily to transform the industry and facilitate higher quality of care. Industry professionals are of the view that this patient-friendly initiative would not only improve its reputation but also allow it to dominate the competitive world.


IBM executives should now use the acquired organization’s tech features to ease the difficulties of healthcare experts. Watson is indeed a handy mechanism for the healthcare sector, which also provides numerous opportunities to medical experts and staff overall. On the other hand, Watson is blessed with the gift of sight through imaging technology.


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