Facebook Introduces Live Streaming Video Feature For Celebrities

07 Aug

Facebook Introduces Live Streaming Video Feature For Celebrities


Facebook introduces a broadcasting feature to serve celebrities and their fans.

Mark Zuckerberg has taken a step to appease celebrities. Facebook news exclaimed that the company was already making efforts to provide a broadcasting service to public figures and their fans. The Californian enterprise is now introducing “Live” as an option in its Mentions application that is only available to celebrities within a verified networking page.

Celebrities can start a live broadcast that is published on their Newsfeed, watch, and record comments. Some famous personalities, such as Serena Williams and The Rock would be broadcasted today.Facebook news today disclosed that Live Product Manager, Vadim Lavrusik, has stated, “We think this will be an awesome experience for both public figures and also users. We want to get feedback from both public figures and viewers as we evolve the product.”

When asked why should celebrities choose “Facebook Live” instead of Meerkat or Periscope, Mr. Vadim responded by saying that public personalities already have fans on the social network where they share daily. He added that with a huge number of fans on the network, celebrities could find a wider audience than on other platforms.

Facebook breaking news affirmed that the networking organization received feedback from celebrities wanting to do live video broadcast sessions before it even introduced Mentions. As per reports, the app was originally developed to let celebrities to monitor and respond to the groups of wall posts. A small team in the networking giant’s head office started working on the broadcasting feature in September.

When a high profile figure with Mentions begins to use the tool, a video with the live tag appears on the Newsfeed. Their viewers can watch and respond through their comments, but Facebook only displays comments on their screen at a maintained pace to make sure that the broadcaster is not overloaded.

Commercial sources indicated that the feature would not show tawdry comments. To make live broadcasts user-friendly, the networking enterprise’s platform would inform users if one of their friends is watching and broadcasters will see if another verified public figure joins in.

Networking professionals view that the new update would improve the company’s market share, as celebrity’s fans would be lured towards its network, and improve its image in the modern digital world as well. It is probable that the latest feature would build stronger ties between celebrities and their fans.

Facebook’s executives should promote the broadcasting update to achieve their objectives and step ahead in the market.


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