Tesla Motors Is In Favor Of More Stringent Fuel Regulations

04 Aug



The Californian automaker wants to keep fuel standards intact for its benefit, but this might not be favorable to other companies.

The American electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla Motors, has decided to defend the emission regulations of the largest economy in the world. Tesla news disclosed that the automaker intends to present its case this week for ensuring the environmental-friendly standards of the North American country remain intact or become more stringent.

The organization will also battle to make sure that other automakers fail to loosen regulations in California, which has more aspiring targets than the federal government. Tesla news today exclaimed that the American authorities have urged automakers to supply vehicles averaging 54.5 miles a gallon by 2025.

Strict laws could benefit Tesla, while troubling other electric carmakers, which earn higher profits on higher margin sports utility vehicles and trucks. Its vice president of development, Dairmuid O’ Connel, has stated, “We are about to hear a lot of rhetoric that Americans don’t want to buy electric vehicles.”

He added that from an experimental perspective, the rules are very weak, achievable and the only factor missing is the intention to launch compelling devices. The industry typically has realized that tougher emission standards should be introduced only after thorough discussions.

Industry experts are of the view that if the American regulators accept the Californian automaker’s perspective, then a large number of similar companies would be troubled by the conditions of the electric vehicle manufacturing industry.

A number of automakers are preparing their case in favor of lenient regulations when federal authorities will review mileage targets in 2017. One pathway to obtain leniency would be to achieve progress points for autonomous tools, such as automatic brakes, as they are known for saving fuel and improving safety to offset cars that are less fuel efficient than the desired potential.

The spokeswoman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers has stated that automobile manufacturers are offering a wider range of options to their customers, as reported by Tesla Motors news. She added that 15 electric vehicle makers on sale last year registered 0.4% of overall vehicle purchases in the U.S. The clean diesel, electric, and hybrid vehicles have contributed to 5.6% of the sales in the year 2014.

The South African born entrepreneur’s company has developed itself by supplying cars, starting around $70,000. Press sources highlighted that the market capitalization of company has exceeded $33,000,000,000. It can earn extra money by trading regulatory credits, which it earns by supplying the emission-free cars that do not pollute the environment of California.

The Environmental Protection Agency would conduct an evaluation to determine that whether standards should be changed or not. Tesla’s executives should now take steps to promote its perspective; otherwise, the regulations might be amended against its interests. This can be regarded as high time for the company to step up to its advantage.


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