GoPro Consumer Drones To Rule Over The Drone Market

28 Jul

GoPro Consumer Drones To Rule Over The Drone Market


GoPro to make its mark in the consumer drone market

Earlier on May 27, 2015 the chief executive officer of GoPro Inc. Mr. Nick Woodman announced that the company is all set to enter the market for consumer drones. In his statement, he mentioned that the company would device a “quadcopter” during the first quarter of FY16.

Market Watch recently published a report according to which data was acquired from the Federal Aviation Administration according to which the action camera giant will have a significant edge in the consumer drone segment as soon as its quadcopter is launched. The only company that can give a tough time to GoPro is Dajiang Innovation Technology which will be their core competitors. It will also have some small rivals like Parrot SA, Precision Hawk, D Robotics, Inc., and AeroVironment.

Cuyrrently, the 43 percent consumer drones in the United States that have been approved by the FAA are being manufactured by Dajiang Innovation Technology. This share has instinctively declined where earlier Dajiang Innovation Technology held almost 70 percent share of the entire consumer drone market.

In comparison to Dajiang Innovation Technology, the other brands in the consumer drone sector have a negligible share when it comes to getting approval from FAA. Almost 9.1 percent of the drones approved are by AeroVironment where Precision hawk and 3D Robotics share is even lesser than that.

This clearly means that the only company which can give a tough time to GoPro is DJI. The Phantom Line of DJI was initially marketed to consumers in a manner that resulted in a surge in the sale of GoPro’s Hero action cameras. These drones had a slot that could mount the Hero cameras. This built in mounting is a relatively new feature for DJI. So this means that even DJI is well aware of the threat and rivalry they might face with the launch of GoPro’s consumer drones. However, now DJI has started to maintain distance from GoPro so that it can build on its own identity.

As reported by an executive at GoPro, the consumers drone segment is extremely lucrative. This provides the company a great opportunity to establish its position further in the market. He further stated, “The recent spike in adoption is attributable to the jaw-dropping video content generated by consumers.” Both the company’s products that is action cameras and consumer drone usage tend to complement each other. Therefore the entry of GoPro in this sector seems like an extremely sane decision by the company to boost is sales.

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