Microsoft To Increase The Prices Of Its Cloud Computing Platform

23 Jul

Microsoft To Increase The Prices Of Its Cloud Computing Platform


Microsoft Azure during relatively well with its cloud computing platform

Over the past couple of years, cloud computing has gained significant momentum where many cloud service providers have modified their technologies along with offerings so that they can sustain in the industry. Moreover, prices have also slacked drastically so that the consumption rate increases.  Microsoft Corporation, Google Inc. and Amazon Inc. are few of those companies that have reduced the prices of their cloud computing platform earlier. However, now the software maker has decided to increase the pricing of its cloud computing platform.

Microsoft Azure is MSFT’s cloud computing platform that has been designed by the firm to deploy, develop and look after applications and services across a global data center network. These platforms are either hosted by the company’s partners or they manage it themselves. This platform has the ability to support third party apps along with various tools and programming languages. The platform was launched earlier in 2010 and was known as Windows Azure but later it was renamed to Microsoft Azure.

This news was put forward by The Register once they got hands on a Microsoft official to discuss about their cloud computing platform. This spokesperson, talked about how this platform is now being recognized and used globally where the rate of adoption fluctuates from country to country. So the company actually chalks out its strategy according to the region in which it is operational.

He further added, “The Company continues to evaluate the market conditions in the countries in which we operate. As a result, we will be adjusting the prices for the company’s enterprise cloud services in Australia, starting 1 August, 2015.” These changes will be implemented across the globe.

These plans by the company were publicized when Mr. Aidan Finn a renowned blogger got access to the company’s emails from which excerpts were extracted and posted on a website. According to the blog, a 13 percent increase is observed in the prices of Eurozone along with a 26 percent increase in the Australian region.

This clearly highlights that the company has been successful in making its niche market where growth rates show that the company has potential to further increase its market share across the globe.

It is a known fact that Azure is one of the top notch Microsoft products and a leader in the cloud computing domain. The company has become extremely competent and is now on par with the cloud computing service of Amazon Web Services and Google. The company has more room to prosper in the times to come.

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