Apple INC, (AAPL) OS For Smart Watch Might Turn Out To Be Against It

22 Jul

Apple's OS For Smart Watch Might Turn Out To Be Against It

Apple WatchOS 2 can go against the device itself

Apple Inc. is the uncrowned king of the smartphone industry. Regardless of the fact that Samsung overtook the company due to its promising sales of the new Galaxy S6 models and became the largest smartphone vendor in the world, it is still trailing to the market leader. Apple is not only leading the smartphone market but has also made a staunch mark in the smart watch industry. Ever since the company has entered the smart wearable devices market, it has become one of the most important platforms for other companies to be on.

From EBay to Amazon and all other apps, they have realized the market they can attract through Apple Watch. It was one of the most awaited smart gadgets in the market however it has received mixed reviews from the tech analysts and professionals. According to the company, it has released a newer and better version of the operating system for its smart watch. However, many analysts believe that this might not be a good step.

According to The Next Web, the newer OS of Apple Watch could make it obsolete in the coming times. The smartphone giant unveiled Apple WatchOS 2 at the World Wide Developers Conference which made the users of this wearable device rejoice. It is believed that the performance will be enhanced and the apps will perform faster and better. Furthermore, Apple WatchOS 2 can make it a standalone device sooner or later.

However, so far this device cannot work on its own and it needs further investment as well apart from spending on the watch only. Many Apple Watch users have bought a separate stand which is cheap as well as expensive, depending on users’ preference. The Next Web reports “Nightstand mode, which displays content like the time and date while your wearable is charging, allows the Apple Watch to act as an alarm clock when laid on its side, with the two side buttons (now on top) becoming controls for silencing or snoozing an alarm.”

It is still a confusion with Apple watches and its separate stands. The company has invested a lot to do wonders in the wearable tech sector however so far the results are not in favor of Apple. It is believed that the sales of the device have gone down by 90 percent but Apple does not care much. The company managed to sell a good number of devices during and after the launch but it is facing a major downfall now.

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