Samsung Begins Beta Testing Of Its Mobile Payment System

16 Jul

Samsung Begins Beta Testing Of Its Mobile Payment System

Samsung has started the process to test its mobile payment service prior to its launch in August

The world is advancing in technology at a fast pace. Therefore, the tech giants across the globe are capitalizing on this moment and are trying to do innovative things. The invention if internet has to be the best inventions ever. Ever since it became common in people’s lives, it has changed their way of living hence creating its own virtual world. People now talk online, study online, shop online, and pay online. The concept of paying online is a great relief as the process is quite smooth. Apple was currently leading the market of online and mobile payments services.

In the past months, according to latest Samsung news, the tech giant announced to roll out its own mobile payments services that will be aimed to compete against Apple’s online payment services. Samsung Pay has not yet been launched but the company is constantly testing it before it is ready to be launched for the masses. ZDNet reports now that the South Korean giant has started the process of beta testing its mobile payment services and so far, the results are promising.

Samsung is quite content with the way the beta testing of Samsung Pay is going on however it would still wait to launch the service and says, ‘the evolution must continue’. The company started the testing process in its home country first, South Korea, where it is performing several demos of as to how Samsung Pay would actually work out in real lives. Samsung announced earlier this year that it has successfully acquired LoopPay along with the launching of its mobile payment services. Many analysts were doubtful regarding this decision specifically about how it will deeply integrate the software into hardware.

According to sources, the company is all set to launch Samsung Pay by August along with its mega launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. As ZDNet reported, Samsung Pay is also easy to use when compared to its peers and competitors that include Apple Pay and Android Pay. According to ZDNet, “Loading card details on the service was very easy. Turn on Samsung Pay, and it will ask you to register a card. All you need to do is place the physical card with the PIN showing face up, place it in front of your phone’s camera, and it will read the number within a second. All the text for menus and features are translated from Korean — Samsung said official English terminologies have not yet been decided.”

Samsung Electronics is quite excited to launch its payment services in the coming times, according to reported Samsung updates.

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