General Motors To Follow Tesla’s Steps In Manufacturing EVs

15 Jul

General Motors To Follow Tesla's Steps In Manufacturing EVs

General Motors is now working towards releasing an electric Bolt soon in competition with Tesla’s Model 3

Tesla Motors is definitely setting a trend in the vehicle making industry of making electric cars that have gained more popularity that the firm would have ever thought. Recently, it was seen that General Motors has also decided to start making electric cars following the announcement it made it which the launch of Chevrolet Bolt EV was discussed.

This special vehicle of GM is going to be a full power hybrid car which will be compatible to run on a massive 200 miles if the battery is fully charged. This vehicle is also expected to bring about some high tech competition between the two autos makers as the Elon Musk’s smart car making company is also going to launch a new Model 3 in almost the same time in 2017.

This time around, Tesla has decided to cut down on the price of the vehicle it makes as it has announced that it wishes to start making smart cars now which are in reach of general public as well and one that just does not focus the elite. One big factor to be taken into consideration is, however, the price tags of both the cars of the rival companies that will be releasing together.

Musk’s firm is launching Model 3 with a price tag for $35,000 whereas General Motors is working towards pricing their car at around $30,000 which is comparatively much lesser. Even though both these price tags are much lesser than the current prices of the electric vehicles in the EV industry, the competition between the two companies can go a long way in the future.

Tesla has been making cars that carry a massive price tag which make them quite unreachable for the people in general. The last sedan that was launched by the auto giant was for around $75,000 which was affordable only for the elite of the industry, something that the firm wishes to change which is why it is now focusing on making electric cars but for half the price.

Analysts believe that it is very likely that General Motors goes ahead of Tesla in making an electric car with a low price tag, that available for the people of all classes since the firm has reportedly started the production activities of its car at its Orion Plant. As a teaser to show its rival, GM was recently seen to release a report on its upcoming car in which it talked about how successfully it is carrying out the production activities of Chevy Bolt and how that is something the auto maker should be worried about.



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