Tesla’s Plans For Model 3 Vehicle Approved By Analysts

14 Jul

Tesla's Plans For Model 3 Vehicle Approved By Analysts

The auto making giant is planning to launch its Model 3 car soon with an affordable price tag and analysts believe this will help the company reach higher levels of success in the industry

According to the most recent news on the electric car maker Tesla Motors, it was seen that analysts are giving mixed opinions on the company’s activities regarding the sales of the cars it produces. Recently, the CEO of the hybrid car making company, Elon Musk, was recorded to say that he believes his firm will be selling around 500,000 cars by the end of 2020, a figure that was not really approved by the analysts right away. The investors have also shown that they do not expect the firm to report such high sales in only a period of five years and are of the opinion that the auto giant is being overly bullish about the whole idea of sales.

This figure stated by Elon Musk was deemed as too much to expect as currently, the usage of electric cars is not much and is quite limited to a few luxury car owners only.  However, the analysts have also pointed out how Musk has made plans of making an affordable electric car for customers who cannot afford a luxury car. He also believes that by decreasing the price tag on the cars, the demand should automatically increase. On the other hand, analysts also see the whole plan of the auto giants as to appear on the front on the highest note by introducing itself in the industry as a luxury car maker and later on, when the impression is set, it starts selling cars with a low price tag and which have most of the features of the luxury cars.

On the other hand, Musk has also planned to jump down to vehicles with lesser prices but which are also electric hybrid cars. The dream that he has is to make the idea of using EV so common that every other customer is seen driving a smart car in a few years only. The first car that was launched by Tesla was the Roadster which was the best luxury car the firm could make and it showed the industry what it was capable of carrying out. Later on, the Model S was released which was another version of the electric cars but was with a lower price tag. In the same way, the firm is planning to launch Model 3 which is to be lesser in price than all the previous cars. Furthermore, Musk is expecting the sales of this new low priced car to exceed expectations, keeping in mind the sales that the previous cars of the company enjoyed in the past.

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