Tesla Pictures Importance Of Low Cost Batteries In Future

14 Jul

Tesla Pictures Importance Of Low Cost Batteries In Future


Tesla’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has discussed the company’s future in a conference.

The co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO) of Tesla Motors, J.B Straubel, believes that the affordable battery-manufacturing initiative could revolutionize the high tech world. TSLA Tesla news disclosed that Mr. Straubel addressed a solar conference in San Francisco by discussing a future in which batteries charge all automobiles. He further stated that new solar powered systems are designed with solar panels combined with power storage devices.

Mr. Straubel’s views should be given importance because he is known as a key inventor of the company’s battery pack technology. Tesla news today exclaimed that J.B is one of those senior officials who are working on the automaker’s huge battery-manufacturing plant in Nevada, which is supposed to develop enough power storage devices for 500,000 electric vehicles yearly by 2020. J.B believes that the lithium-ion battery’s cost would continue to decline rapidly.

The CTO predicted that when it becomes affordable to drive on battery power than it is to drive on gasoline, electric powered vehicles would lead the field of modern transportation. Likewise, he also indicated that when the joint usage of solar panels and batteries becomes cheap enough to supply electricity for less than the cost of fossil fuel power, solar electricity would prove to be an inexpensive choice.

Commercial sources highlighted that J.B is not new to the battery-manufacturing industry, as when he first met Elon Musk, he was attempting to develop a lithium-ion battery pack for a vehicle that could cover a distance of 1000 miles. This served as the fuel for the electric-battery enthusiasm of the company.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that the company is about to achieve that objective after ten years since the meeting of Mr. Musk and Mr. Straubel. In April, after approximately 1825 days of testing and researching, the South African born entrepreneur’s organization introduced a division focusing on developing batteries for the buildings and power grid, which it identifies as Tesla Energy.

The CEO has claimed that since the introduction of the new products, the demand for the batteries by enterprises and utilities has reached higher levels. Official sources stated that when the organization’s 1,000,000 cars would be witnessed on roads, it would use 70 gigawatt hours of power storage that could be connected to the power grid. The power charging and discharging of those vehicles would be about 10 gigawatts of charging, which could be regulated through software.

Experts are of the view that the discussed plans would not only send a threatening message to the company’s rivals but also improve its reputation in the highly competitive world. The executives of the Californian enterprise should now formulate plans and take initiatives to speed up the process of constructing the battery-manufacturing facility in order to achieve their objectives.

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