Tesla Motors Faces Potential Problems Related To Chargers

10 Jul

Tesla Motors Faces Potential Problems Related To Chargers

Tesla’s charging stations can present hidden challenges to Tesla.

Tesla Motors has started to face problems related to superchargers. Tesla news reported that the automaker‘s growing chain of fast charging setups has made it possible for car users to drive their Model S across the state and back with little more than 30 minutes stop to charge. Its powering stations have begun to witness long queues, as Model S owners in urban areas are employing them to help them regularly drive on the roads.

Tesla news today informed that superchargers are quite popular and people are benefitting from them. That is an excellent development, but it creates a challenging situation, which the organization could face in ensuring that vehicles are powered for longer period. In the competitive electric vehicle industry, the plug to use for electrifying cars has often been discussed.

Commercial sources indicated that a number of Korean and Japanese manufacturing organizations, including Mitsubishi, Kia, and Nissan Motor Corporation, have often preferred the CHAdeMO standard.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that Volkswagen and Baverische Motoren Werke (BMW) are interested in adopting CCS or SAE standard. Then there is the South African born entrepreneur’s business, which has established its proprietary charger. With vehicle manufacturers battling over standards, Mr. Musk introduced power charger patents that would let competing companies to employ Tesla’s technology and offer an incentive for them to benefit from its charging network.

Press sources highlighted that vehicle makers are about to reach an agreement on how to adopt different fast powering standards. It appears that they have decided to benefit from CCS and CHAdeMO standards. One could say that they are not interested in employing the Californian organization’s electrifying technology implying that its customers would only use Tesla’s charging features.

Experts are of the view that even with sufficient supplies of electricity, three different charging standards cannot survive and finally there would be one. It is probable that if Tesla’s standard does not survive, then the automaker would lose its market share. The lack of standard adoption is not the only problem faced by the high-tech enterprise, as its rivals, including General Motors, BMW, and VM, are introducing better and inexpensive vehicles that might lure its customers.

Industry experts believe that if the charging problem is not solved, the firm would not be able to easily survive in the competitive market, as powered vehicles need to be charged up. Its management should now formulate plans to convince its rivals that they should request their customers to benefit from its charging infrastructure; otherwise, it would not be able to achieve its growth-related objectives.

The rising issues of Tesla have compelled the management to retain a pro-active approach in order to resolve them. The company should now consider to revamp strategies.


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