Google Rolls Out Update For Google Maps In India

09 Jul

Google Rolls Out Update For Google Maps In India

Users in 12 cities of India can now see how much traffic they will face on a route directly through Google’s Google Maps

Ever since Google Inc. launched its Google Maps app for the technological world, numerous amounts of audience has stopped using the usual paper maps but that’s not the only thing Google’s mapping unit has offered us. The tech giant has updated and upgraded Google Maps with several types of new features and user interface as time has advanced, the most recent update it brought onto Google Maps was the use of real-time public transit which allowed displayed the correct and relevant time of a public transports arrival, moreover just yesterday the company also announced its partnership with the Federal Railroad Administration to alert users upon approaching a railroad crossing.

Currently the tech giant also announced according to latest Google updates that the resident’s in India will be able to spot the amount of traffic through Google Maps, a special thanks to the new feature Google had introduced the “real-time information about traffic density on roads”. There is however a bit of disappointment as the feature is only limited to 12 cities in India and not the entire country, from what Google has announced residents of Kolkata, Lucknow, Surat, Coimbatore, Thiruvananthapuram, Indore, Ludhiana, Visakhapatnam, Nagpur, Kochi, Madurai and Bhopal will have the access to this feature directly from Google Maps as of now.

It does come as a surprise why Google didn’t choose India’s main cities such as Delhi and Mumbai as these are known to be filled with heavy traffics, but it does seem that the company does plan on rolling out this feature soon enough for them as well. Users who are unfamiliar of how this app works, here’s a brief detail about how you can point out which traffic route is filled with traffic; the amount of traffic that can be found on the roads of these cities is highlighted through different color codes

1-      Green means no traffic

2-      Orange points out a medium amount of traffic

3-      Red points out heavy traffic

This new “traffic alert” feature changes over time as the amount of traffic increases or decreases on a certain route, this is mainly due to the turn-by-turn navigation technology which will offer updates in real time as the traffic condition changes, according to Google news. This new update to Google Maps for users residing in any of these cities is  said to arrive simultaneously on every device, so if you still haven’t been able to use this new “traffic alert” feature just wait for a little while and you will be able to.



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