Tesla’s CEO Sponsors To Control Artificial Intelligence

08 Jul

Tesla's CEO Sponsors To Control Artificial Intelligence


Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has offered $10 million dollars for controlling artificial intelligence.

The CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, has decided to contribute to the field of intelligence. Tesla news reported that he would disburse $10,000,000 in grants to finance 37 research projects organized to ensure that artificial intelligence not only remains under control but also proves to be useful.

Future of Life Institute would utilize the allocated funds. Commercial sources disclosed that out of the allocated funds, $136,000 would be spent on a project aimed to study and monitor the use of Artificial Intelligence (Al) weapons.

Tesla news today informed that the CEO is not the only person who is concerned about the operations of the particular field. A number of other people, including Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking, also share his view regarding the technology. He agreed with them while pledging $10 million to facilitate research intended to make Al useful for humanity. The sponsored teams were chosen from 300 applicants to complete projects in fields ranging from controlling robotic weapons to equip machines with the ability to make moral decisions.

Scientific experts at a number of American and British universities intend to help machines learn human preferences. Tesla Motors news affirmed that a separate team from Duke University wishes to develop a robot that can make moral judgments in the real world. Similarly, Denver University’s experts are working to explore means by which humans do not lose control of robotic weapons. Press sources indicated that Stanford University has decided to answer the question regarding experiences if robots perform human jobs.

The South African born entrepreneur is not new to the field of artificial intelligence, as he has signed an open letter pledging to ensure that the said technologically advanced field tends to favor humanity. The document highlights the need for safeguarding intelligence machines without which humanity’s future would be endangered.

Official sources highlighted that Mr. Musk has defined artificial intelligence as humanity’s biggest existential threat. Experts are of the view that his commitment would not only help researchers to manage the new technology effectively, but also improve the reputation of the electric vehicle pioneer. It is probable that the CEO’s contribution would also lure other entrepreneurs, who might also understand the need to regulate the products of the latest technology.

Industry experts believe that Tesla’s customers would welcome its founder’s initiative. Mr. Musk should now fulfill his commitment in the best possible manner and ensure that the allocated sums are utilized appropriately; otherwise, his contribution might not prove to be useful for researchers.

The mishap in a German factory is considered as a living proof, where a mechanical device in manufacturing assembly line crushed a worker due to malfunction. This poses a great threat to humanity in the coming times.


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