Powerwall Considered A Risky Bet

07 Jul

Powerwall Considered A Risky Bet

Tesla’s Powerwall battery might not be able to easily dominate the market due to certain factors.

Tesla Motors is determined to ease the difficulties of power users through its Powerwall battery, which is compatible with the currently operating technologies. Tesla news revealed that the power storage device is the first battery that has provided a simple and affordable solution to the high-tech world. The product is much more attractive than small diesel fuelled generators and existing home batteries. The technologically advanced device therefore has the potential to capture the power market.

Tesla news today informed that the battery would prove to be more beneficial for the users of solar panels and Tesla’s vehicles. It would not only permit them to store energy produced during the day, but also let them use it in the morning and evening. The power-storing product could be used to electrify the vehicles of the automaker. This technological association with solar medium is something that the South African born entrepreneur is trying to explore by collaborating with the CEO of SolarCity. In this manner, the expertise of both organizations would be able to spread together.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that to help their users, both the enterprises have decided to work together and speed up their activities in order to control costs and make solar more accessible to their customers. Experts are of the view that the investment in battery is quite risky, as the question that whether the solar energy has won a battle against alternative sources of energy has yet to be answered. Despite the rapid decline in the price of the introduced solar panels, the reserves of shale gas have been reduced, leading to a significant fall in price and demand for other fossil fuels, such as coal.

However, if the solar energy does not succeed, then the automaker’s invention would not be able to dominate the market. The organizations need to pay a conversion price to help it set the new standards. Industry experts believe that the success of the battery would make the use of the manufacturing of electric vehicles convenient, as they would be allowed to benefit from a conducive recharging system. It is probable that the launch of the device would send an aggressive message to the rivals of the company.

If the automobile manufacturer’s battery succeeds, then it would revolutionize the competitive world, which cannot progress without meeting its energy needs. Tesla’s management should now devise appropriate strategies to promote and launch the highly advanced product in the best possible manner to address the concerns of modern power users. This will compel others to follow its footsteps.

Tesla’s CEO has faced challenges regarding vehicle defects and was forced to withdraw a few cars from the market. Thus, Powerwall technology is the center of attraction for experts and analysts these days.


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