Is Facebook Working on Telepathy?

07 Jul

Is Facebook Working on Telepathy?

The social media company’s CEO has recently announced that it will be working on telepathic communication in near future

According to the most recent Facebook news on the social media giant, it was seen that the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg was seen to announce that his firm plans to work on telepathy in near future. As per his plans, he believes that sooner than later the firm will be helping users send messages to their friends using telepathy and telepathic ways to communicate to their friends, which will be a brain to brain connection that is going to available for the users only on the social networking giant.

Currently, the idea has been announced by Zuckerberg in which he has showed interests in establishing a system through which users will be able to make successful communications with their fellows on the social media network. For analysts, this plan looks like one of those technology upgrades that take considerable amount of time before actually getting launched in the market. But it is also being said that the firm might just be a little bit too much into the matter to take too much time to establish a telepathic system in its network, as reported by latest Facebook updates.

On the other hand, to check the telepathic system that is currently being worked upon by companies in the industry, an experiment was carried out by researchers from Duke University on two rats so see how much the telepathic technology was going inside the mind of the subject. The result was that there was some connection between the two animals through a neural system put up by the researchers.

There are many debates as to how will the customers react to this upcoming update in the industry and one that Facebook business is planning to work on. Many are of the opinion that this system of sending telepathic messages to the other person is probably one of the most expensive technologies to be currently available for use which is why there is a huge chance that it is not warmly welcomed by the users.

Furthermore, Facebook media has yet now confirmed as to how much truth there is in the statements made by Zuckerberg and no releases are yet made as to how much the firm is working towards attaining their goals in the field. Also, another debate that has been stirring in the industry about how it is not ethical to get inside the mind of a user and how this invasion is something those users will not approve of. It is also possible that a helmet sort of a device is launched through which the wearer will be able to send messages through telepathy without actually talking,

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