Apple Music vs Spotify, Tidal, Rdio, and Other Streaming Services

06 Jul

Apple Music vs Spotify, Tidal, Rdio, and Other Streaming Services

With so many offering now in the market, picking one that fits your need can be an arduous task

With so many music streaming services now in the mix, the question that pops in everyone’s mind as soon as a new service launches is: How is this service different from the ones already in the market?

On the surface, most of these music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Rdio, or basically any of the others look pretty much the same. All the above mentioned services give you access to an online database of roughly around 30 million songs and cost $10 a month, although the price may vary depending on the current promotions or additional services, like the Hi-Fi streaming offered by Tidal for $20 a month.

All these services also allow you to store your music offline for instances where you don’t have a data connection and if you’re not feeling like listening to your own collection of music, each of the services offers a different radio service along with curated and community playlist so you don’t have to pick the music out yourself. The audio quality offered is also above par and some services also throw music videos into the mix.

While they may be the same on the surface, there are a few key differences which you need to keep track on, as they may be the deciding factor depending on your preferences. The main differentiator which sets Spotify apart from the rest is its ad supported free tier which is available on both desktop and mobile.

Allegedly, Apple tried very hard to coerce labels into dropping Spotify ad-supported model according to Apple news but was clearly unsuccessful in doing so, and the DOJ even ended up investigating Apple for the alleged move citing anti-competitive business practices as the claim. With the free model, Spotify is the most obvious choice if you just want to test out the waters of the music streaming applications. However, that’s exactly what Apple hopes to change with the three-month trial it is offering, and another major upside with Apple Music is that it’s built into every single iPhones, millions of which Apple has sold and will continue to sell.

Additionally, Apple has a few more features at play which it hopes will lure users onto the new service. Siri control, for starters can make the service more accessible and Apple is also offering the family plan for multiple users at the relatively cheapo price of $14.99 a month. Apple is also attempting to lure users in by offering exclusive music through the social Connect section and it’s already done so with the Apple Music exclusive track Freedom by Pharrell. Taylor Swift’s music is also notably absent from Spotify following the dispute she had with Spotify, when she claimed that artists weren’t getting their due diligence from the service. Apple Music, however features all of Taylor Swift’s music, including the latest album.


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