Tesla Motors Confuses Its Customers

01 Jul

Tesla Motors Confuses Its Customers


The American electric vehicle manufacturer has suprised its customers by urging them to limit their use of superchargers.

Tesla might create charging problems for its customers. The company seems least interested in fulfilling its commitment to electrify its vehicles free of charge, as reported by Tesla news. At the company’s annual shareholder meeting on May 6, Elon Musk stated that some users had been utilizing the automaker’s SuperCharging Program for travelling locally. Soon after his complaint, the organization’s promotional strategy started to change.

The modern electric vehicle pioneer had previously claimed that users are permitted to freely use Tesla’s powering infrastructure as much as they want. Tesla news today informed that in the aftermath of that claim, the organization began sending electronic mails to Model S owners residing near to newly established charging stations, stating that they can use them for long-distant charging.

The technologically advanced automaker is gently urging users of its chargers to stay away from the infrastructure for short distance travel. Experts are of the view that concerns about capacity or the costs of serving users who could electrify vehicles at home might have contributed to the decision of the company. Tesla Motors news affirmed that one of the new vehicle owners, David, was informed not to use the network if he was staying local. He responded that the message surprised him because he believed that the charging stations could be employed as per need without any restriction.

An attendant of Tesla was seen at one of the most used stations. She was not alleged for trying to push users away from the charging station, but instead appears to help people learn about the means by which they could improve their charging time. Industry experts believe that one cannot clearly say if the act is related to the company’s local charging policy, but currently one cannot assume that both are part of the same line of reasoning.

The Californian car manufacturer has been unable to directly benefit from the program so the indirect effect on sales revenue is the only method by which its effectiveness can be judged. It is still unknown that how the company allocates the cost between the space’s owner and itself. The enterprise’s annual report 2014 has disclosed that it possesses assets worth $1,800,000,000 in equipment, property, and plant.

It is probable that rivals would try to benefit from the confusion of the company’s users. One could say that the authorities of the largest economy in the world, which have previously provided tax incentives to the high-tech car manufacturer, would not appreciate the vagueness of Tesla’s powering strategy.

The corporate management should reformulate its charging policy and take steps to clearly inform its stakeholders about its charging policy in order to address their concerns in the most effective manner and avoid any misunderstandings.

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