Project Fi Customers Are Able To Check Their Invite Status – Google Allows

30 Jun

Project Fi Customers Are Able To Check Their Invite Status - Google Allows

Project Fi customers are able to track the status of invite through the new tool introduced in Chrome yet many cannot see the timeframe.

Latest Google news is that the adopters in the early stage who had signed up for the cellular service of the search engine giant, Project Fi, are now able to keep the track of their invites being requested which has been due to the new tool that the company rolled out this week.

Potential customers for Project Fi had received the email notification regarding the tool and told them that they are able to track the invite status via sign-up page for Project Fi. However, for a lot of customers, there is no timeframe being shown at the new page as of now. There has been large number of users who have reported to see the timeframes of either “3-4 weeks” or “4-8 weeks. There are a lot of others who see the message that is not much useful, “We’re still determining your status. Check back here for updates.”

Despite the requests from users that have been repetitive on Twitter, there has been no particular explanation being given by the company or support team of the Project Fi regarding the timeframes being not there would mean or when all these users are going to be able to see the update.

An interesting thing is that such invite statuses are still not determined even by the people who had been there signed up since the first day. In simpler words, the invites are not rolling out due to who came in first or signed up first. Google news reports that the tech giant is using some other criteria for determining the invites that shall be processed. It can be possible that it is being done on the basis of mobile coverage and zip code of the users. In spring, the company had reported that the invites regarding the Project Fi would be rolling out to the users by mid of summer, noting at that point that the status tracking tool shall be made available soon.

The affordability of the new network being introduced has a lot to do with the interest of the users. The launch of Project Fi means that it is contract free MVNO with the $20/month of unlimited text and talk including the tethering support for Wi-Fi. The users then pay for the data as they eventually exceed the limit, paying $10 per GB. For the unused data by the users, they will receive credit at the end of every month.

The service has the integration of Google Hangouts, which shall allow the users to call from their own mobile number to laptops and tablets. There are a lot of people who are still waiting on their invites; some are already there with the receiving of SIM card and Nexus 6.


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