Tesla Motors Collaborates With Pavegen

25 Jun

Tesla Motors Collaborates With Pavegen


Tesla Motors has found out a new method to power up its cars.

Tesla Motors has found out a new method of charging its cars. Tesla news reported that the company is collaborating with a high-tech organization, Pavegen. Both companies have teamed up to establish a charging setup that powers electric cars with kinetic energy released from footsteps. Market sources stated that powered vehicle’s drivers were previously limited to operate in the range accessible on a single recharge provided by supercharger networks or home electrifying stations.

Tesla news today informed that Pavegen is known for working on a modern system that uses footsteps to generate electricity provided in high football locations. Pavegen is also making efforts to provide real time data for analytics. The energy firm is not new to the highly competitive world. It was founded in 2009 and completed 100 projects in 30 countries since then. The Loughborough University’s graduate’s firm has succeeded in earning a cumulative revenue of more than £2,000,000.

Tesla previously faced many challenges and issues regarding faults in its cars. Similarly, the charging issue also adds up to its challenges. In order to resolve it, the company provided charging facilities in several locations for its drivers’ convenience. It collaborated with Pavegen to further eliminate its difficulty.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that both organizations have jointly conducted an experiment in which an electric vehicle was electrified from the movement of feet. In the trial, some tiles of the power sector organization were connected on Oxford Street and a charging device was attached to a car. The first footstep initiated the car’s movement and then the level of battery’s power supply continued to increase with subsequent footsteps until the vehicle drove off.

Experts presented their view that the joint efforts of the two companies would prove to be beneficial for Tesla’s drivers, as they would not be forced to only drive on roads while solely relying on superchargers. It is probable that if the new electrifying process is launched in an effective manner, then the ‘range anxiety problem’ would also be resolved.

Pavegen’s CEO, Laurence Kemball Cook, has stated that the system is functional but it requires uncountable foot movements to permit the car to drive 20 minutes within the busiest streets of London.

It is expected that thousands of footsteps in most downtown locations would easily electrify Tesla’s vehicles. Industry experts believe that the joint venture would not only ease the difficulties of the automaker’s customers, but also improve the reputation of both partners.

The management of both companies should now take steps to speed up the process of pioneering the latest innovative charging system or they might fail to address the concerns of the Tesla’s drivers. One could say that the initiation of the process would send a threatening message to the vehicle maker’s rivals.


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