Uber’s Privacy Policy Targeted By Allegations

24 Jun

Uber's Privacy Policy Targeted By Allegations


Uber has suffered from another setback.

Uber has suffered from a setback regarding its privacy policy. Uber news reported that the firm’s policy to locate its customers has been targeted. The Electronic Privacy Information Center intends to file a complaint with the Federal Trade commission.

Market sources stated that objection is raised against the transporter’s secrecy policy. The prospective complainant has argued against Uber’s program to locate its users even after the termination of the application.

Uber news today informed that the high-tech organization has explained its tracking strategy by stating that location-related information is required to connect drivers with passengers. It is expected that the filed objection would adversely affect the reputation of the organization. The firm currently does not gather background data but it might initiate that practice, as it believes that the collected details would help it to speed up its loading process.

Uber technologies affirmed that the transporter’s explanation has failed to appease the group. EPIC has stated that this gathering of user’s data far exceeds what riders expect from the cab services company. Users would not anticipate that the organization would collect details when they are not actively engaged in the process of using the application. The latest policy also lets the transporter access user’s contacts.

Uber believes that its ability to access contacts would allow it to launch new promotional updates, such as the ability to share special offers with customers’ relatives. It has maintained a controversial record due to tracking its users.

Media sources revealed that the company tracked a BuzzFeed‘s reporter location in a confidential manner, as the news was caught in November. The transporter has since held the New York general manager responsible for the act. EPIC has basically requested that the regulatory body should stop the cab service from gathering location-related data when it is unnecessary.

The taxi service provider has responded to the accusation by stating that the complaint is unjustified and it is deeply concerned about the secrecy of driving partners and riders. It further claimed that it has formulated policies to improve the levels of transparency, which might remove any ambiguity in users’ perception related to the company’s image.

It is probable that if a petition is filed, then the regulator’s decision would affect the prospects of the organization. Uber’s management should now take steps to address the concerns of the group or it might fail to appease its privacy-conscious riders. This might consequently result in the declining the reputation of the company.


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