Google Launches “News Lab”, A New Home For Journalists

24 Jun

Google Launches News Lab, A New Home For Journalists


Google has announced the launch of News Lab which will provide the tools and resources to reporters for their reporting, after announcing YouTube NewsWire

Latest Google news is regarding the new site that it has launched. Yesterday, the search engine giant launched the News Lab which is the destination where journalists can connect with the data, programs and other resources to help in their reporting. There will be number of tools being featured at the site for newsrooms that includes tutorials and also the best approaches on how the products by the search engine giant can be utilized in reporting, as well as providing the access to Google Trends service which recently got updated, and many. It aims to also showcase the numerous efforts of the tech giant regarding the citizen reporting and also the new media partnerships.

The site has built on the announcements that had been coming in since the last week that had the company’s focus on the contribution towards the field of journalism and playing a larger role towards it. For instance, the partnership with Storyful which is a social news agency and rolling out the YouTube Newswire on the basis of that.

This is the aggregated and curated feed, as per the Google news, which consists of the daily events which are newsworthy and have been on YouTube. There have been a series of initiatives that the company has announced which are aimed at verifying and also supporting the news videos which are on YouTube channel. These shall include The First Draft Collection, which has teamed up with the experts in journalism for the training of others on research, video verification and also ethics. Also it includes WITNESS Media Lab, which is there to produce the in-depth projects on the issues pertaining to human rights.

These, shall be linked to and housed from News Lab which is now the home for the tech giant’s journalism space projects. There will be a continually updated tools’ list by the company and also the resources. There will also be the feature where multiple media partnerships and also the projects will listed.

This move for the tools and resources of the tech giant dedicated to reporters are being showcased at a time when the news breaks on the social media sites first, for instance twitter. Therefore, people are turning to the social media sites for news instead of Google+ which is the company’s own social site therefore it is working to assert the ways in which it has to enhance its participation in the process of reporting which also includes videos which are being posted to YouTube to the data and information that the company has collected from across the globe.


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