Nokia Will Return To Phone Market In 2016

23 Jun

Nokia Will Return To Phone Market In 2016


Nokia plans to return to the mobile market in 2016 as the contract clause with Microsoft lapses which currently is not letting it have its brand name on mobile phones.

The world’s number one mobile maker, ex- number one to be specific, Nokia has decided to get back in mobile making business next year. As per the latest Microsoft news, the company had sold the device making unit of it to Microsoft in 2014 and is planning to get into the game of mobile creation from 2016. That time is when the contract clause of it with the software giant will lapse which currently prevents the company from putting its own name on the handsets.

The CEO of the company, Rajeev Suri, expressed to the Manager Magazin from Germany that the company is intending to design and also license the handsets from next year, and will be looking for suitable partners. He further added, “we would simply design them and then make the brand name available to license.”

This doesn’t come to all of us as something that surprising. Nokia has been active in the mobile business in one way or the other. The designing and sales of an Android tablet in China and also the launch of the company’s Android launcher in 2014 are proves of these activities.

At the time the software giant seems to be retreating from the smartphone business, or the phone buyers begin to retreat from the Lumias that are Windows-powered for that matter. Former CEO for Nokia, Stephen Elop who had been looking into devices division of Microsoft, as per Microsoft news, has been shown the door in the previous week. That is how the pendulum of tech might swing.

It is supposed to be noted here that any phones that shall be appearing from 2016 under the brand of Nokia will not be created by Nokia actually. It has become a far smaller company now as compared to what it had been previously, before the years of Windows Phone came.  However, the brand itself still holds a lot of cachet in European and other markets. That can be one factor through which Suri hopes to capitalize on brand and its visibility to power a new mobile push by Nokia.

The company has not yet confirmed what Operating System might power the future phones that are Nokia branded. However it’s safe to assume that it will be Android. The N1 tablet by the company is running on Android and also the Z launcher has been designed for Android hence it has been pre-occupied with the platform since quite some time now. Mobile OS of Google is also the place where mobile volume is however, that space has not been more competitive before, same like HTC.

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