Apple Plans To Pay Artists During Free Trial Period, Says “We Hear You Taylor Swift”

23 Jun

Apple Plans To Pay Artists During Free Trial Period, Says We Hear You Taylor Swift

Apple has decided to pay royalties in the trial period of Apple Music service as Taylor Swift bashes the policy in the blog post.

Latest Apple news is about the announcement that Eddy Cue has made. Eddy Cue from the tech giant has announced that there will change in plan for Apple Music and shall pay to the artists even when it is going through the free trial period of three months, following the public complaint by Taylor Swift regarding the policy. She had decided to withhold the hit album “1989” from this service respective to the protest.

It has been told by the sources that Apple decided to change this policy yesterday. There will be an undisclosed royalty that will be given to the artist on per stream the entire time the users are on free trial.

It had been decided by the company that it will be offering the users a free trial of three-month streaming service that shall be launched on 30th June. However, it was decided that the royalties shall not be paid to the right holders while the trial period is on however a bit more amount would be added afterwards in the royalty.

Following the intense reaction from Swift in the form of the blog post which has bashed the policy in it, the tech giant decided to recant. This move shall help to enhance the public perception regarding the Apple Music and also potentially pull in a few artists that had been boycotting the payout structure of the previous time. These artists include the ones that are managed by Beggars Group which has given its letter to the company in order to denounce the royalty free trial.

Apple news reports that it is not clear what will be done by Swift and Beggars Group now as the demands have been met now. However, Swift tweeted thanks in reply to the announcement and everyone who had been supporting the conviction she was following. She said, “I am elated and relieved. Thank you for your words of support today. They listened to us.”

This might be a good thing to think of Swift as the spokesperson here for all the artists, she had been in talks with Apple Music for exclusives. Those discussions could not get anywhere so we might be suspicious that she has been trying to swing the other way, this far.

This change of heart is quite a smart move for Apple we suppose as this means that it is taking into consideration artists as well so Apple Music could be successful and more and more artists get pulled in. However, we are expecting the streaming service to prosper and get to the position iTunes have been.


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