YouTube Newswire Launched By YouTube Featuring Verified Eyewitness Videos

22 Jun

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YouTube is working with Storyful and has launched YouTube Newswire which will cater with the witnesses  sharing breaking news.

Latest YouTube news is regarding the channel that has been introduced by the video streaming giant, named Newswire. This channel will be unveiling the eye witnesses and shall help the company taking up a new role in media journalism. This is going to be the flagship initiative in the way of expanding the business. The channel is in partnership with Storyful which is a social news agency, providing the verified and curated feed of most newsworthy events of the day that shall be published to YouTube.

There have been projects in the past on which Storyful and the video streaming giant have partnered up as per the YouTube News, detailing the news itself. The companies have worked with eachother since there had been protests breaking out at Tahrir Square back in 2011. Even before the event, Storyful had been working in order to verify the YouTube videos and also contextualizing them. The company has vetted more than 100,000 videos that have been published to Google’s YouTube’s platform since 2010. The companies previously partnered on some channels like YouTube Politics, CitizenTube, YouTube Human Rights Channel and couple of others.

The relation between YouTube and Storyful is cementing further with the launch of YouTube Newswire for the efforts of providing the journalists with the breaking news’ resources from across the globe, it also includes some accounts of first hand eye witnesses.

Storyful states, “The noise and the need for curation have never been greater — and neither has our team’s commitment to creating the best social journalism.” This had been in reference to the introduction of new service (Newswire). The company also says that there has been flood of user-generated videos and has also grown meaningfully over the past years. Back in 2011, when the company began working with YouTube, there had been 48 hours of videos being uploaded to the streaming site per minute. The number has now grown to 300 hours only in 4 years.

The new channel will be featuring both regional and global feeds and shall also be available on Twitter, online and as an email newsletter. The feed will be including the videos which focus on weather, news and politics.

The launch of YouTube Newswire is also coming to us in time when the video streaming giant is losing slightly the platform as the tool to be chosen by the ones who have witnessed some breaking news and wish to share. Twitter is the latest addition in that regard with Periscope, the live streaming service. The two other efforts, in addition to YouTube Newswire, shall be aimed at verifying and supporting the news videos posted on the streaming videos giant’s site.

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