Google To Answer Regarding The YouTube Kids App Content

19 Jun

Google To Answer Regarding The YouTube Kids App Content


Google has received a letter from Nelson who is the U.S Senator pointing out at the inappropriate content on the YouTube Kids application.

Latest Google news is regarding the letter that has been written by the Bill Nelson who is the U.S Senator. The letter was written to Larry Page, CEO Google on Tuesday and asked the search engine giant to explain the way it selects the content for application of YouTube Kids and also the steps that the company is taking in order to ensure that no unsuitable content is being exposed to the children.

This letter has appeared after a few months of complaints being filed by the groups for consumer advocacy with the FTC, Federal Trade Commission related to the way app has mixed the entertainment and ads along with the serious charge being filed in May. The most recent complaint accused the YouTube Kids application for exposing the kids to not-so-appropriate content that included alcohol, sex and drug usage, pedophilia and child abuse etc.

Google news reports that Nelson has addressed both of such issues as he is the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation’s Ranking Member and has the dominion over FTC. However, the follow up questions by him are more concerned with the filtering mechanisms pertaining to YouTube.

The YouTube Kids application had been released by Google back in February in order for the parents to have a curated selection of videos for their children. The launch of this app had been promising initially since there has been an elongated struggle behind the parents being concerned over the adult content happening upon their kids while they are surfing through YouTube. But as soon as the app released, the consumer groups found problems with it that raised concerns.

Approximately a dozen consumer groups which also include Center for Digital Democracy and Adolescent Psychiatry and Consumer Watchdog went to FTC complaining regarding the app and its mixed ads along with entertainment, in such a way that seems deceptive to the children.

The specific attention was pointed to the videos allowed by YouTube where the cartoon cum hosts was given the permission to sell the products within the shows. Furthermore, number of channels that were “branded” had been contained for the companies such as Fisher-price or Barbie; they were called as “little more than program-length commercials.”

It was also said by the group that couple of user generated segments are able to be found on the app that have been created by the ones who are having business relationship with the manufacturers of the product, however failed to disclose the names or specifications. They complained that such a gesture has violated the FTC guidelines. Nelson points out that the ads shall be distinguished when it comes to online services catering children.

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