Tesla Motors Leases Building To Expand

17 Jun

Tesla Motors Leases Building To Expand


Tesla Motors is about to expand in the United States of America.

Tesla Motors is about to expand in the United States of America. The automaker has signed a leasing contract to make use of facility at Page Technology Center, 901 Page Avenue, as reported by Tesla news. It has been revealed that the newly leased site stands at more than 500,000 square feet.

Market sources highlighted that the spacious building is located near the company’s factory in Fremont, California, and was previously used to accommodate the solar tubes of the tech company, Sondra. Government sources suggested that the area had remained empty for a long time.

Tesla news today informed that the organization’s management has not made decisions regarding the employment of people at the new building. The city authorities have welcomed its decision to expand in the region. The economic development manager for the city of Fremont, Christina Briggs, has stated that the utilization of the 901 Page Avenue would not only normalize the city’s vacancy rates, but also highlight its ability to facilitate the manufacturing process of technologically advanced organizations.

Tesla Motors news affirmed that the automaker has explained its decision by stating that the proximity of the new facility would play a vital role in helping it to build engineering laboratories. The electric vehicle pioneer has maintained a record of expanding in one of the biggest economies in the world, as it has previously acquired a 431,000 square foot space in California.

It is expected that the company would grow rapidly, as it is currently constructing a huge battery-manufacturing factory in Nevada. Experts presented their view that if the business succeeds in utilizing the new space in the best possible manner, then it would not only increase its output, but would also find its reputation improving in the American state.

The recent leasing deal represents the huge effort of the business to grow in the American region. In 2010, it had taken a similar step when it purchased the NUMMI plant. Industry experts believe that its growth-related initiative would contribute in providing job opportunities to a significant number of people.

The automobile manufacturer has previously disclosed its intentions to provide job opportunities to more than 4400 people in California, as it wants to benefit from tax credits. It is probable that the high-tech company’s expansion decision would not only help it claim state-sponsored financial incentives, but also improve its relations with the state authorities.

Tesla holds a significant position in the fierce market. It should clearly understand its objectives and take measures to use the land in the most possible manner; otherwise, it might suffer in the highly competitive world. Its rivals are eyeing the opportunity to avail every chance in electric vehicle segment, ranging from automobiles to charging stations.


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