Microsoft Using E3 Conference In The Right Manner For Xbox Fanatics- Part 1

17 Jun

Microsoft Using E3 Conference In The Right Manner For Xbox Fanatics- Part 1


Latest Microsoft news introduces us to the biggest game-related announcements that the company has made via E3 2015. All it took for the tech giant to announce the details was 90 minutes. In this time there were more than 20 titles being announced as they come to the platforms of Windows 10 and Xbox One next year. The company had the first briefing at the conference aside from inaugural appearance by Bethesda.

The briefing had been filled with nostalgia as much as the step in future of Xbox console. The opportunity had been used by the Redmond-based giant to discuss the blockbuster titles and indie offerings for instance the Rise of the Tomb Raider and Halo 5. This was done simultaneously showering the announcements of customizable controllers, AR headset to experience the Minecraft world in front of you and also the backwards comparability.

As guessed, the tech giant emphasized on exclusivity, highlighting that the titles are set to launch on Xbox One within the coming months. Since there is a long list of titles, we shall divide it into two parts, in this one we will be discussing Halo 5 and Recore. The announcements began with Halo: Guardians.

It has assumed efficiently that Halo franchise is the selling point for Xbox and the fifth installment of the game would increase the sales. The briefing had been opened by the tech giant introducing the upcoming title and also the detailed glimpse as compared to previously shown teaser-like glimpses at this very time, last year.

Microsoft news reports that to run the audience through a campaign, the representative for 343 Industries came to the stage and showed off the fascinating cinematic effects and sci-fi environments as the 4 players traversed through the landscape.

There is a new multiplayer mode known as Warzone that has been shown briefly. It has said to set the stage for matches consisting of 24 players and arenas that are sprawling and also are approximately four times larger than any of the Halo maps existing. This new mode shall pit the teams of 12 players against each other, also including the waves of Covenant and Promethean enemies which shall be AI-controlled.

Furthermore, the producer for Megaman, Keija Inafune is surely a legend. It has been charged with the task to head Recore, along with the ex-developers of Metroid Prime at the Armature Studio. There was a debut of sole cinematic by the tech giant for the forthcoming exclusive which was the part of briefing. That debut experienced the masked woman along with her canine who had been wandering in wasteland and encounters the robotic enemies’ swath. Once the dog has been destroyed, the woman inserts the glowing core of the dog into another companion who is yet unnamed resting outside the door.  ReCore is going to be released for Xbox One in 2016’s spring.

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