What To Expect From Microsoft’s keynote at E3 2015

16 Jun

What To Expect From Microsoft's keynote at E3 2015


Microsoft will begin the keynote E3 and shall be focusing on games only this year just like the previous one.

Microsoft news today will be announcing regarding the games and other things at E3 conference. The keynote for E3 2015 shall be covered by the software giant and will be covering it. There has been a lot of pressure that the company is bearing this year, so let’s take a look at what to expect this year.

Nobody has forgotten the disastrous keynote for the conference that happened couple of years ago and also it managed to turn the company’s fans against it, thanks to original focus of Xbox One on media, the company has most likely learnt the lesson. In the last year’s conference, the software giant solely focused on games and the positive response was given by the fans. It seems so that the company wishes to re-create such a success again.

Finally the company is learning from past and the users/viewers can expect an approach which is more focused towards gaming today. We all are sure that there will be some exclusive games being unveiled and shall be coming to Xbox One as well as the titles with big names such as that of Bethesda’s Fallout 4 which shall be released in November this year. Expect some surprises as a few titles would be launched next year.

There is high likelihood of Microsoft news unveiling some grave titles and indie developers. There has always been some sort of struggle with the company when the independent developers are concerned, which is due to the entry costs which are pretty high and the cumbersome process for joining the programs. By the launch of ID@Xbox, the tech giant has improvised the situation but it isn’t satisfactory. In this segment, the viewers and gamers will be hearing more today. There are some games which we are expecting to be showcased today:

  1.     Tomb Raider, an Xbox One exclusive
  2.     Forza 6, this one is for the cars
  3.     Fable Legends, currently this one is in beta
  4.     Gears of War, a remake or a teaser for a game which shall come this year
  5.     Killer Instinct Season 3, fighting game which is exclusive and also comes with console for Microsoft

At the same time, it is a big year for the company with the release of Windows 10 which shall happen in over a month. At the same time, there is new operating system which shall be destined for Xbox One console. It’s expected that the company shall mention it and discuss the move further on the event. However, this shall be a surprise if the company decides to linger on it for long. There are new capabilities of graphics that DirectX 12 is bringing to PCs and consoles due to which its likely to see it being discussed too.



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