Microsoft Unifies All The Variants Of Skype

16 Jun

Microsoft Unifies All The Variants Of Skype


Microsoft decides to unify all versions of Skype and has discontinued the recent version

Microsoft Corporation wishes to integrate Skype all over again to a single keyboard and mouse enabled platform. The company will put an end to the touch enabled Skype which the company earlier launched with Windows 8.

The latest version of Windows used a touch screen as the core way to input commands. The entire operating system was designed in a manner to give a smartphone like feeling. An innovative version of Skype that was finger friendly was thus revealed with the same theme. So now, Microsoft has decided to bid farewell to Windows 8 along with the Skype application, according to latest Microsoft update.

Microsoft used to refer the touch friendly version of Skype on Windows 8 as an “modern application”. The company has mentioned that it will offer its Windows 8 clientele automatically who are using the recent version to install the desktop version of Skype by July 7, as reported by Microsoft news.

According to the company’s official blog post, Aga Guzik, the head of desktop product marketing stated, “We’re updating PC users of the Windows modern application to the Windows desktop application, and retiring the modern application.” She added: “With the upcoming release of Windows 10 for PCs, it makes sense to use the Skype application optimized for mouse and keyboards use, capable of doing touch as well rather than two separate applications performing the same function.”

However those users that use Skype for their Windows desktop PCs has installed the software or they own a Windows RT tablet that will not be affected by this change. This actually makes a lot of sense since the latter uses the touch screen as the basic way to input.

The blog post further mentioned that Microsoft will soon unveil phone and messaging applications that will have Skype features preinstalled. Moreover, later this year Skype video will also makes its way to consumers. The company is keen on taking feedback from users. The messaging app is likely to be similar to Apple’s iMessage application.

However, the Windows 10 new operating system will not have Skype preinstalled but it will be launched on smartphones, tablets and PC’s that run on the new OS. If there is only one application then this will cut down on confusion. The company has decided to part itself from Windows 8 that was a relative big failure. Subsequently, the company wishes to develop a Skype app that has the same code.



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