iPad Gets Split-screen For Multi-tasking Purpose In iOS 9

16 Jun

iPad Gets Split-screen For Multi-tasking Purpose In iOS 9


Apple has unveiled the split-screen feature at WWDC 2015 for iPad and it has Slide Over and Split View introduced.

Latest Apple news is regarding the WWDC 2015 keynote that included the iPad update which has targeted the tech giant’s competitors in the same business such as Microsoft and Samsung. The company is looking forward to make the iPads more functional as a device that can be used for the business productivity and business with an app mode for the split screen. This app provides the users with an ability to run two different apps simultaneously side by side.

This feature is what Microsoft has used previously in order to target iPad in the advertisements which highlighted Surface tablet as the one that is more beneficial for the ones who are aiming to do “real work” on their laptop/ hybrid computer. The split screen feature in iPad had been in rumors for quite some time. Not only Surface but also Samsung Galaxy Tab devices offered the multi-window mode.

Apple’s SVP for Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, provided the split-screen demonstration in iPad at WWDC keynote two days ago. While staying on Safari, the SVP was able to swipe the screen’s right side and Messages app slide in to the place.Then he swiped down from Messages view above and had been able to switch that one specific app independently.

He had been running one app on the left side, and another on the right. Both the apps had been running independent of each other. During the demo, the SVP had the ability to tap on the Map link in the note and it opens within application of Apple Maps on the left screen side.

Another example is shown as the person watches a video within ESPN app, there is an email that arrives. By tapping on the email notification, the user is able to open the Mail on the side while watching ESPN video on the other side, picture in picture view it is and also continues to play. Apple news reports that the user can drag the video which is picture-in-picture and also with the help of pinch zoom, can resize it. The best news was, “If you’ve adopted auto layout, this will all just work.”

There are two new and different and new terms that the tech giant used for the multitasking mode being introduced, Slide Over and Split View. The former lets the user open another app without leaving the current one they are on. The latter on the other hand, lets the user run two apps simultaneously, on the screen. Split View has been made available only on iPad Air 2 however Slide Over is for iPad Air, Air 2, Mini 2 and 3.

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