Jack Ma Is Confident That US-China Relations Will Strengthen

15 Jun

Jack Ma Is Confident That US-China Relations Will Strengthen


Jack Ma is trying to bring U.S and China close through the business proposition and it doesn’t sound bad.

Latest Alibaba news is regarding the founder, Jack Ma’s visit to U.S that has aimed to bring the close the two significant countries in the world, U.S and China. At this moment, the relations between the two countries might be tough but eventually they shall be resolved, stated by one of the richest men in the world. Jack Ma expressed to CNBC that he is “confident” that the tense situations going between the two global powers will hopefully pass.

Some of the issues going on between the countries include hacking accusations that are said to be state-sponsored activities. Also the accusations are surrounding the land claims and war of words in South China Sea. According to the founder of Chinese e-commerce giant, these issues can be solved with the help of communication that is cross border. He expressed that “If we work together, that will make us understand each other, appreciate each other, help each other.”

Ma also shared that he is expecting the young and Internet-savvy youth to lead the endeavors like these and also that the companies across the globe should apply the logic of giving authority to young minds and the ones that ambitious for a better workforce. He said that the youth is better than their previous generation. He said that any company that wishes to be innovative and wants to catch the future should rely on its youth and young generation. Alibaba news reports that the company is currently working on expanding its global presence and also that Ma being on the tour has been a part of this initiative. He has been in talks with various American businesses and has been pitching them the Chinese consumer market which is the largest in the world.

The argument that Ma holds is that the platform like this of Alibaba is for the small businesses who wish to have success in digital marketplace of the world. He emphasized that the country has been focusing on exporting business since 20 years and the American brands should utilize Internet and sell their products in China. The proposition that Ma has come with can actually work for anyone and everyone who is involved in it. Ma would be having this cross-border import/export with the help of Alibaba and American brands will be making money and creating the consumer market in China. However, the fact that big companies were successful in making revenue doesn’t mean that it implies to the smaller businesses as well.

Jack Ma maybe trying to bring U.S consumers and Alibaba together and shall be successful one day but at the moment he is focusing on utilizing his expertise for managing the consumers in China.

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