The Apple Watch SDK For Native App Unveiled at WWDC 2015

11 Jun

The Apple Watch SDK For Native App Unveiled at WWDC 2015


Apple’s WWDC 2015 has unveiled WatchOS 2 and also the native SDK for the developers to create more apps for the Watch in  more efficient way.

There had been a lot of latest Apple news announced at the WWDC 2015. With the iOS 9 release and updates features, Apple Maps and Apple Music seeing the transition, the tech giant did not forget the Apple Watch as well. The smart watch has become more interesting now for the development purposes as the WatchOS 2 was announced at the conference. Not only the new operating system but also the native SDK in its true form had been introduced as well.

Vice president of Apple, Kevin Lynch, was on the stage for demonstrating the first new function that had been available for the developers pertaining to third-party named Complications. Developers will also have the ability to create the widgets for various watch faces that the product has, this shall make easier for many users to see the small information from the app all the day.

Through a new feature, “Time Travel” the users are being provided with the ability to rotate the Digital Crown using the information history which is displayed in Complications. In this way, users can see how MLB game had progressed with the help of scan that they can do on previous score updates from the watch face.

If we dig into the APIs in detail, the ones that are going to be available for third party apps, Apple news reports that the Apple Watch shall get more features such as video playback, access to speaker, built-in microphone and also an access to the HealthKit which includes the heart rate data continuously streaming.

Furthermore, developers will also have the access to accelerometer of the Watch and also the Taptic Engine. This shall open the ways for apps consisting of touch-based output and motion control. With the Wi-Fi radio in the Watch and it being available to the developers, the tech giant has reduced the further need of iPhone being paired with the watch all the time.

In the previous times, the developers that were interested in bringing their apps to Apple Watch had to use WatchKit which is an SDK. While it let the developers create apps for the users’ wrist, software made with the help of this toolkit is actually running on the paired iPhone of the user. The interface elements and data shall be transmitting to the Watch via Bluetooth LE. With these transfers, the delay that came had been a significant limit in user experience context because there was a seconds of delay before the app shall open. Jeff Williams who is the senior VP for operations at Apple hinted that the native SDK would be revealed, which it has, and the support for apps so they can read the data directly from sensors of Apple Watch could be possible.

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