IBM Wishes To Power App Development Through SoftLayers

10 Jun

IBM Wishes To Power App Development Through SoftLayers


IBM Comes Up With Collaborations To Power The Development Of Apps

Businesses these days are trying to come with better services and make the digital experience better so that they can satisfy the needs of consumer. This is because the competition is increasing at a great pace.  The best thing that customers get attracted to these days is personalization and engagement. Moreover, clients also demand that the products are linked to smartphones, have social capabilities integrated and the ability to analyze data through Internet of Things that will help them to make decisions at a quicker pace. Moreover, companies are also trying to make customer experience more fruitful.

Recently, Porticio Consultancy and International Business Machines Corp. are coming up with a new cloud computing service that will assist businesses of any size (big, medium or small) to test, build and deploy apps that are according to the requirements of clients

The digital experience of IBM on their cloud platform allows other companies to have access to a completely managed cloud service, according to latest IBM news. This will allow them to rapidly plot, introduce, and configure new apps that are according to the needs of consumers.

Dennis Rot the founder and director of Portico Consultancy believes, “Our customers are telling us they need more functionality in digital experience software delivered in the cloud today.” He further added, “Businesses want configurable software that integrates with existing IT infrastructure and new applications to power their consumer, partner and employee portals without having to worry about installation, configuration and maintenance. They want to change customer applications on the fly, and have them work on any platform, especially mobile”.

According to the company the IBM Digital Experience on Cloud is a completely automated and managed cloud computing service that is governed through IBM’s SoftLayer. This platform provides clients will low cost, solution to entry level issues that arouse when users shift to cloud. The company vows to provide a reliable, dedicated, secure and private solution to all issues. Moreover once the business has established then it further provides a more dedicated environment to content providers allowing them to increase their productivity. Moreover it also optimizes the mechanism for content delivery in order to make the experience more responsive.

The company has come up with a great product that has immense growth potential, as reports suggest on IBM news. In the modern world, IBM has evaluated all the needs of consumers and has now established an effective system that can cater to this problem in an effective manner. The venture has immense growth potential.

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