Tesla Motors Would Hire Panasonic Corporation’s Workers

09 Jun



Tesla Motors would soon benefit from the services of a battery manufacturer’s employees.

Tesla Motors would soon benefit from the services of a battery manufacturer’s employees. Tesla news reported that the company would hire hundreds of workers from the power storage device pioneer, Panasonic Corporation. The new recruits would be employed to work at the automaker’s Gigafactory in Nevada.

Tesla news today informed that the corporation’s head of automotive and industrial division, Yoshio Lto, has stated that the labor would be deployed at the start of autumn. He added that the Asian giant would try to invest more than $475,000,000 in the manufacturing facility and in its joint development venture with the Spanish Auto parts maker, Ficossa International SA.

Ficossa is well known for developing high-tech driver assistance systems. Its technology is capable of performing a number of highly advanced functions, such as blind spot tracking and parking. Tesla Motors news affirmed that the management of Panasonic and its collaboration with the Musk-founded company would help minimize its losses. The decision to ship the workers to Nevada is not taken recently, as the corporation had previously agreed to offer services to its workers for manufacturing lithium-ion cells.

In accordance to the agreement signed, Panasonic’s employees would then submit those cells to the electric vehicle maker’s workers at the facility, who would then produce battery modules and packs. Market sources have highlighted that the factory is under construction to meet the needs of stationery storage market and electric vehicles. It is expected that the plant would hire more than 6000 workers.

It is probable that if the Asian company workers develop devices in a very effective manner, then its partner would succeed in the supplying the products required for charging vehicles and stationery systems. Industry sources have revealed that both companies have maintained strong relations, as Panasonic is already supplying batteries to the electric car manufacturer.

Experts stated their view that the services of the corporation’s workers would not only play a significant role in the development of the factory but also improve the relations between the workers of the two organizations. This partnership can prove to be a successful and profit-oriented agreement in long-term due to the strong global market presence of both entities.

The Asian company believes that its strength lies in the fields of sensing and image processing. It has been disclosed that Tesla’s battery supplying partner intends to collaborate with a number of other manufacturers. Industry experts believe that if the corporation successfully establishes battery components, then a large number of modern businesses would be interested in collaborating with it.

Both high-tech partners should now jointly issue some guidelines for getting the best out of their respective workforces; otherwise, they might not succeed in building the huge battery manufacturing plant.

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