Facebook Defends Another Torture Video

09 Jun

Facebook Defends Another Torture Video


Facebook has decided to keep acting in a controversial manner.

Facebook has decided to keep acting in a controversial manner. The company’s management has refused to remove a sickening video from its platform after being accused of launching video content in which one could see a puppy being tortured to death, as reported by Facebook news.

The film has been disseminated around 70,000 times and after watching the painful scenes of the animal, accountant, Nick Parkes, complained to the network’s administration. Market sources have stated that the company has defended its act by claiming that the controversial element does not violate its community standards guidelines because it has been posted to highlight brutality.

Facebook Breaking news affirmed that Mr. Parkes, 46, witnessed the abusive video on the network page of a female user, Sheylah Hernandez. Initially, Mr. Parkes requested the platform’s member to suspend the offensive film, but she refused.

Industry sources have affirmed that Mr. Parkes was shocked by the company’s refusal because the standards of the organization do not support animal cruelty. The 60-second clip shows a woman brutally torching a puppy. The controversy began soon after the company took down a shocking video of a woman abusing a baby.

The removal decision was taken to address the concerns of child welfare organizations that had raised objections against the social network’s offensive act. Mr. Parkes has stated that he has been disappointed to find out that such an abusive act has not bothered the company. He added that whoever had recorded the burning of animal’s fur was obviously mad.

Facebook news today informed that a large number of people have commented against the atrocity of the witnessed scenes. Experts stated their view that the organization’s defense would not help its cause, as it has previously failed to defend such malicious scenes. It has revealed that Sheylah has finally withdrawn her posted video.

Industry experts believe that the social pressure has forced her to make this decision. It is expected that if Ms. Hernandez would not have taken her video down, then the users would have forced the platform to remove the abusive clip. A consumer expert, Robin Bowman, has aggressively criticized the organization’s inhuman decision by stating that the company has not devised its laws in a rational manner.

It is probable that if the network continues to let its users post such offensive videos, then it might lose a large number of users. Facebook should now take some measures to protect its platform from such ‘unfriendly’ practices.

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