Uber Suffers In East Hampton

08 Jun

Uber Suffers In East Hampton

Uber has suffered from a setback as its service is banned in a part of the New York City.

Uber has suffered from a setback as its service is banned in a part of the New York City. Uber news reported that the new local rules of the town do not permit its operations because they require transporters to have a physical business presence in the region. The company does not abide by the recently made laws, as it does not own any car in its fleet.

Uber news today affirmed that the company has responded to the new development by stating that its driving partners would not be able to follow the latest laws that require them to manage offices in the territory.

Company sources have reported that the organization has requested its customers to protest against the formation of the new policies. The lobby of celebrities has tried to safeguard the interests of the modern transporter, as an American talk show host, Andy Cohen, has joked that he wants to live as a responsible citizen. He further added to permit his designated driving partner to serve on the roads of the town.

Taxi market sources have informed that the Uber’s 20 driving partners have been punished for not meeting the new requirements. An official of the town authorities, Larry Cantwell, has stated that the transporter’s entrance in the region has added to the difficulties of commuters. He complained that no one is stopping the taxi company from establishing a new office in the region.

Uber technologies highlighted that a large number of people have complied with the organization’s requests as Larry’s office has received more than 100 phone calls and 600 electronic mails regarding the new law. The local authorities have responded to the Pro-Uber messages by saying that this is a part of their plan.

East Hampton is known for its alcoholic cab drivers who often require help to reach home. The technologically advanced transporter has tried to benefit from the town’s poor reputation, as its spokesperson, Matt Wing, has told the press that the area’s residents’ need to hire Uber as taxi service has been controversial. Experts stated their view that the new laws have been made to reduce the number of cabs operating in the region.

It is probable that if the officials do not reverse their decision, then a large number of passengers would fail to benefit from a convenient mode of transportation. The company should now aggressively lobby to continue its operations in the region, or it would suffer from a loss of market share.




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