Best Paid IPhone And IPad Apps That Are Available For Free Right Now

06 Jun

Best Paid IPhone And IPad Apps That Are Available For Free Right Now


Get your hands on these paid apps before it is too late

A handful of paid-iOS apps were put up to be downloaded for free from the App Store last week, according to latest Apple news. With a few apps designed to support the Apple Watch as well, here’s the list of the apps that you can download for free right now, and everything you need to know about these apps.


Buzz…you have a new reminder; tagged as currently the world’s fastest app when it comes to reminding users, the app is fairly simple to use. Very little ought to be done to set up a reminder, and you can check out all your reminders across all your connected devices.

The app was designed to support the Apple Watch, and makes setting-up reminders on the Watch easier than ever. Previously available for $0.99, the app is free to download for a limited time.



Tagged as one of the most reliable note-taking apps, Note-Ify lets you write down virtually anything you want; passwords, reminder, and what not. You can sort your notes into folders, highlight them, and sync them to your Dropbox. Also, set up a password to ensure that no one gets a go on your private information.

Also, you can share your notes with your friends and family via email, text message, Facebook, and Twitter. The app is pleasant to the eye, and rather straightforward. Choose from nearly 100 themes and set it up the want you want; things have merely been streamlined thanks to the Note-Ify.

Available for $1.99 on another day, you can get it for free right now.

Fokus Pokus

Fokus Pokus lets you discover photography, assisting you click top-notch photos.

Just as the name suggests, the app lets you focus on any part of your picture with merely a tap; that’s right. You can now focus precisely where you want to. Apart from this, the app lets you share your photos with your friends and family across a number of social media accounts.

Normally seen with a $0.99 price tag, the app is currently put for free.



This has to be, hands down, the most simple app on the App Store.

Updated only a couple of weeks back, oPomodoro allows users to concentrate on their work, and end up getting the job done in a rather efficient manner. Thanks to the developers for not having incorporated useless content within the app, the app does not bother you in an anyway.

The App was previously available on iPhone and iPad only, but you can now get it on your Apple Watch as well. Available for only $0.99 normally, the app is free to download for a limited time.


WiFi Disk

Thanks to WiFi Disk, you can now use your iPhone or your iPad as a flash drive.

You can now download and upload files from your PC on to your iPhone or you iPad through you PC’s web browser. All you have to do is connect you device to the same WiFi as your PC, and run the server on the app. Thereafter, you can download or upload files onto you device.

Following the recent update, the app now functions with iOS 8, and seems to have been redesigned to match the iPhone 6, and 6 Plus compatibility issues. The app is an absolute bargain at a $0.99 price, and well, there’s no reason you should hold back from downloading it when it is up for free.

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