Tesla Motors CEO Leads The Presidential Survey

05 Jun

Tesla Motors CEO Leads The Presidential Survey


The CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, is recently supported by a significant number of people.

The chief executive officer of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, has recently been supported for heading the White House. Tesla news reported that a survey was conducted by Survata Company to find out which high-tech organization’s CEO deserves to be the President of the United States of America.

Tesla news today informed that more than 1500 people were asked to respond. The high tech primary research method found out that 26% of the respondents opted in favor of Mr. Musk. The research’s procedure was employed in a very fair manner, as there was no hacking attempt detected in voting machines or procedures, and people were not influenced to vote in anyone’s favor.

Market experts presented their view that if Mr. Elon actually becomes the President of the country, then scientific progress would take place at a rapid pace. In real life, he could not head the administration of the White House because he was not born in the United States. Tesla Motors news affirmed that Tesla billionaire and his parents were born outside the territorial boundaries of the largest economy in the world.

Government sources have highlighted that Larry Page, who currently heads the search engine developer, Google, followed the CEO quite closely at 23%. 16% of the targeted sample voted in favor of the Apple’s head, Tim Cook, while 12% proved to be fans of Amazon. The rest of the people responded to serve the interests of the heads of three corporate giants, Microsoft Corporation, Yahoo Inc., and Facebook.

Industry experts believe that the findings reveal a large number of people, who endorse Musk’s ideas regarding energy conservation and launch of rockets for military purposes. One can surely say that if anyone of these candidates actually becomes the President, then his or her presidential address would be quite boring.

It is probable that the results of the popularity test would not only improve the confidence level of the electric vehicle maker’s founder, but also boost the morale of its workforce as well. An interview process was carried out to question the online American respondents, which was completed in five days. It is revealed that the people who were not interested in choosing any one of the candidates were excluded from the posted results.

It is anticipated that if the same process is employed and survey is conducted to question the Chinese citizens, then their response would differ because they have been bothered by the poor communication of the manufacturer’s employees. The technologically advanced company should now plan to continue its operations in the most efficient manner; otherwise, it might not be supported in the future.

It is suggested that company should consider the public opinions and such questions should be regularly asked to discover their views.

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